Very few A/V receivers offer balanced subwoofer outputs, so this article assumes the reader is using unbalanced RCA line level connections. This actually has less to do with the physical size of your speaker., TEL:, TEL:  +5255-6650-8211URL:  Most folks purchase powered subwoofers where the amplifier is built into the subwoofer box. +356 21 319576URL:  See the circled "left/mono" input on the JLf110 subwoofer and the highlighted subwoofer out "sw1" on the Denon AVR-4311CI receiver backpanels., Praceta Alves Redol 3A, Cestlice 271251 70 - Dobrejovice u PrahyCZECH REPUBLIC​, TEL:  Col. Parque Real Some A/V receivers require you to configure them to engage the +505-2278-9620URL:  E-MAIL:  Av. Do this before level matching as the output levels when playing the main channels in conjunction with the sub(s) can vary if you don't have the proper distances set since the sub(s) and main speakers may not properly sum at the crossover point if they aren't properly time aligned., TEL:  (+3705) 276 26 59URL:, Rocketerias (Custom Integration Distributor), Calle 21, No. Make sure you are aware of this else you Select your speaker configuration. Next, connect the other end of the cable to the RCA level connector marked “LFE input” or “mono input” of your subwoofer. +562-2327-3480URL:  Once you have your subwoofer positioned properly in your room, it's time to connect it to your A/V receiver., TEL:  It's a good idea to measure the SPL at least two locations and calibrate your main channels with respect to your sub to within few dB of each other to ensure they are more closely level matched for your listening area. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH 5.1 CINEMATIC SOUND. 1 (441) 292-8158URL: If you pair the HEOS Subwoofer with the HEOS Bar and any two HEOS speakers, you set up a fantastic wireless 5.1 surround system., TEL: Denon AVP-A1HDCI Auto Setup for Audyssey MultEQXT. main channels set to "small". +201148959459 URL:  +358 (0) 9 41 500 210FAX:  Get the Audioholics AV Gear Guide Ebook FREE! +65 6848 4888URL:  Now that you’ve disabled your subwoofer's crossover, set the level to about 50% of max volume. +38 044 5319 763URL:  +507-263-9611FAX:  +571-622-0668URL:  Don't forget to setup the bass management in your A/V receiver. +358 (0) 9 41 500 299URL:  +38512431555FAX:  TEL:  + 389 2 3238 922URL:  +5657-257-3231URL:  TEL:  +59561-504-590URL:  +5255-5312-9240URL:  Zapopan, Jalisco C.P., Carrera 12 #84-12, Local 1 EsquinaCentro Comercial AndinoBogotáCOLOMBIA, TEL:  +323 606 878URL:  Simply connect it to your home network and any other HEOS devices and you can experience dramatic bass instantly. +965-2483-5054URL:  Having enough drive level is rarely an issue with today’s modern A/V receiver so in most cases, we recommend using the single connection. This unit has a built-in 7-channel power amplifier. Unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer, always place the microphone supplied with your A/V receiver on a tripod or stand away from your body or surface of your couch at your primary listening position. +880-31-2858199FAX:  +94 112 307055URL: TEL:  The advantage of the Y-splitter is the signal will be summed into both inputs of the sub increasing sensitivity 6dB meaning you can now lower the gain in the A/V receiver 6dB to achieve the same output level as you would have with only one connection utilized on the sub. +34 91 748 29 60FAX:  TEL:  Realizing a large portion of our readership are essential enthusiasts when it comes to home theater, but also intelligent readers, I conjured up this article and YouTube video for those wanting to get a good grip on how to properly setup and integrate a subwoofer into their new home theater system. +5233-3832-2746URL:  (+373 22) 92-99-92FAX:  +7 (495) 780 58 20URL:  If you pair the HEOS Subwoofer with the HEOS Bar and any two HEOS speakers, you set up … TEL:  116-A y Unica-UrdesaGuayaquil, ECUADOR​, ​Rumichaca 820 y Zaruma, 2ndo PisoGuayaquilECUADOR, TEL:  There will be a size setting for your front left and right speakers. The subwoofer crossover setting, I would make sure is LFE only, and I would set it lower. PORTUGAL, TEL:  Have a friend flip the 0/180 deg phase switch on the back of the sub while you play pink noise for the front left / right main channels plus the sub(s) to see if the level goes up or down on your meter., TEL:, TEL:  This is called cascading crossovers and should usually be avoided. +64 9 304 0016 After looking up your manufacturer stated speaker specifications, here are my recommendations: Front - 50-60hz Center- 50-60hz Surround - 60-70hz. MD-2001 Chisinau Bass Management Basics - Settings Made Simple. +421 45 540 07 03FAX:  +971 4 881 1606FAX:  Now that you’ve got your cable, simply plug one end into the A/V receiver “Sub out” or “LFE out”., Str. +354 5207910URL:  After looking up your manufacturer stated speaker specifications, here are my recommendations: Front - 50-60hz Center- 50-60hz Surround - 60-70hz. +502-2222-3000URL:  In rectangular rooms, it's very predictable as to where the best locations are to place your subwoofer(s). +375 17 265-12-31(32)FAX:  But, we usually recommend going into the setup menus afterwards and adjusting crossover points to 80Hz and all speakers that were set to "Large" back to "Small" to ensure the best possible integration in your system. +230 467 8812URL: TEL:  45138 won't have adequate bass in such circumstances. © 2020 Sound United, LLC. Make sure there is plenty of slack as the cable should never be under tension when it's connected to equipment on both ends else you risk damaging the cable and connected products.

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