Do I need to clean my baby's gums before his teeth come in? Systemic toxicity is rare when children are properly supervised. Children who both drink fluoridated tap water and take fluoride supplements have had an increased incidence of this problem, which is know as fluorosis. "telephone": "503-477-9911", Fluoride varnish is another version of fluoride applied at most routine dental cleaning visits. Find a dentist near you. "postalCode": "97214", … "addressRegion": "OR", There are two main ways in which everyone gets fluoride to encourage dental health: through drinking water and dental supplies. The fluoride vs. no fluoride debate shows no signs of stopping, but some basic facts are worth knowing when it comes to making decisions about fluoride and kids. But recent studies have suggested that there isn't any benefit until after the teeth are visible. As soon as babies get their first teeth, parents should begin brushing with a fluoride toothpaste to cash in on the topical benefits of fluoride. The most common trend resulting in too much systemic fluoride can cause discoloration or pitting to permanent teeth. It was initially believed that there was a benefit to having fluoride present even before the teeth erupt. Fluoride protects teeth from acid damage and helps reverse early signs of decay. For more parenting tips and tricks, find us on Pinterest: Are you a writer, expert, or influencer? The risks of overexposure are especially high for children under the age of 8 because their permanent teeth are still developing. "latitude": 45.5177294, Dr. Dana grew up in Portland, and went to Temple University in Philadelphia, PA for dental school. ], If there is insufficient fluoride in your local drinking water, your pediatrician or pediatric dentist may recommend or prescribe a fluoride supplement depending on your child’s overall cavity risk. "Wednesday", Make sure your children are drinking plenty of water and brushing with toothpaste that has fluoride in it. Q: Why do children need fluoride? The effects of fluoride on dental health is why many kinds of toothpaste and mouth rinses tend to have fluoride added to them. Fluoride varnish should be offered 2 or more times a year for children of all ages with tooth decay or those at high risk of developing it. Over the counter oral hygiene products, like toothpaste and mouth rinse, are another way to ensure children and adults get the proper amount of fluoride to keep their teeth clean. Sprout Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics Treatments we offer include fluoride supplements (drops or chewable tablets), as well as topical treatments — and we want to ensure you are well informed before making any decisions. As a pediatrician, she tries to work with parents to identify and address their concerns. Weakened enamel endangers the structural integrity of your teeth and makes your teeth vulnerable to harmful bacteria that cause cavities. "longitude": -122.6511557 Do I need to be worried about my child drinking water with fluoride? "@type": "GeoCoordinates", Can't too much fluoride do harm? Most communities in the United States already have fluoride in the water supply, either naturally or added in. You should start introducing fluoride for babies as the teeth come in by brushing with a dab or a smear — no bigger than the size of a grain of rice — of toothpaste with fluoride. When we eat food, there are bacteria in our mouths that help break the sugars and carbs down. Mother’s milk has virtually no fluoride present. My pediatrician wants to put my four-month-old on a fluoride supplement. Because of an inability to properly spit, babies and young children tend to swallow toothpaste when having their teeth brushed. "Thursday" Before using this Expert Advice area, please review our General and Medical Disclaimers. While babies and children need less fluoride than adults, very small doses of fluoride aren’t harmful to babies younger than 6 months old. Fluoride penetrates the crystalline structure of enamel, creating a stronger, more dense enamel shell compared to enamel with no fluoride exposure. },{ Ever wonder if your child is getting enough fluoride to protect their teeth from cavities? No. }, COVID can’t stop this club!

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