but still 50 times safer than tap. Still, the fluoride in water can be a great factor in protecting the teeth. On a related note, when looking at bottled water, keep in mind that ‘distilled water’ does not always imply a product is just for drinking. Distilled water will not have any fluoride in it, but most of the so called 'distilled' water you can buy in stores is actually deionized water, not distilled since distillation is a very energy intensive operation. i know its free from hundreds of contaminants using Distillation (TAP water that has been boiled down to steam then the droplets are collected) unfortunately its lacking in some minerals that the human body needs to protect the immune system. This refers to the water we get at home, and they have some reasons for doing this. does Distilled water have fluoride in it? Distilled water does not contain anything at all besides plain water … No, bottled water does not contain fluoride because it is usually prepared by Reverse Osmosis(RO) filtration, which removes almost all minerals, chemicals and other contaminants from water. The CDC does say, however, that any bottled water that is labeled as “de-ionized, purified, demineralized, or distilled” has been treated in a way that leaves zero to trace amounts of fluoride, unless it is specifically listed as an added ingredient. Chloride is another ion that has been removed. Some distilled water is so pure that it is used by hospitals, factories and industrial processes. It is not the same as distilled water because it can still contain minerals that do not form ions such as zinc oxide and other minerals. Fluoride, chlorine, and other additives in the water from your shower may dull your hair. But, it doesn’t feel right that we’re being forced to have it in our water at home. However, other studies have shown that non-fluoridated water is not the main reason for tooth decay because consuming sugary foods and unhygienic is. This is because distilled water does not contain fluoride which is responsible for strengthening the teeth. And there are likely few standards for deionized water, and I doubt you will find a spec sheet. The fact is, there are a few benefits of fluoride, and we’ll get onto them at a later point. Like other methods of purification, distillation removes fluoride from drinking water, which may put those who choose to drink distilled water at an increased risk of cavities. As a result, the search is on for fluoride-free water. Risks of Using Distilled Water. and i need to know does it have Sodium Fluoride in it or no? Answer Save. So yeah, while you could use bottled water for your baby, it really won’t be affordable in the long run. Brita, Pur, and similar water jug filters that are not too expensive. Water Filter Options That Do Not Remove Fluoride. All ions have been removed and fluoride is one of them.

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