Based on the prior posts I may add to your confusion. is two-toned and both cute and comfortable. One traveler says, “I have these in white and black and wear them constantly! I think a 45 for your dad (in a US Size 12) will be too small in some models based on my experience. PXG XF 5-PW KBS TGI Graphite Reg I am going to stick with 43 for me and 45 for him for now. Now it’s your turn. From. It would be nice to know my size across the board, but with Ecco it doesn't work that way. If high-tops are more your style, the Ecco High Top Sneakers might be the ideal sneaker for your next destination. Find out how with Pack Light Stylishly! You only need three pairs of shoes for any trip. They come in three different colors, including the “warm grey” choice we’ve featured, and all of them have a light, soft feel. If you’re looking for a sleek, classic-looking sandal with great support and heel strap to make sure they stay firm on your feet, then look no further than the Ecco Soft 5 3-Strap Sandal.. One TFG reader shares her Ecco sandals review of the Soft 3-strap sandal saying, “Great support, I wore these in France. I tried on the Damaras while in the US on vacation in july. is incredibly light, making it ideal for travelers who love to travel carry-on only. They are great! My usual size is 10 or 10.5 (10.5 NB). This means the Ecco name is well-known in golfing circles, even though it’s only about 25 years old. Of the four Ecco brand shoes I ordered in the same size two were too small to keep. Thanks Guys for all your inputs. Great for ligament trouble and I climbed lots of stairs.”. But that did pose the question, with a shoe as light as this, how would it perform over 18 holes? My point is -- you may have a helluva time doing this without putting feet into actual shoe, and getting success. I’ve been wearing them almost exclusively for travelling since 2011. Needless to say, finding such a shoe is easier said than done. One TFG reader loves them and says, “I went around the world in these Ecco hiking sandals… nice and cool and could put socks on if needed, although that was not fashionable it worked.”. He wants to try a pair of Ecco GTX Classic Saddles. Such a huge price difference. The bottom line of the ECCO Women’s Soft 7 Sneaker review is, this shoe looks great for a good price. And usually use an orthotic… No need for an orthotic with them!” Someone else says, “they are great and fit so well,” while another reviewer describes these slip-ons as “comfy, good for narrow feet, and having awesome arch support.”, Another reader says, “I found them super comfortable, even on cobblestones. It comes in two cute colors—lion sambat (the tan shoe pictured) and denim blue—and the tan is great for summer and extremely versatile. I have them in white which is perfect for summer and matches most of my clothes, pants and dresses alike. Thank you for your insider tips! I also have a pair of Dansko sandals that I love, but they’re a bit bulky and heavier. I just recently ordered a pair of Ecco Track IV boots in size 44. I was quite tempted to pick up the dress shoes but the $250+ price tag held me back! TFG readers happily share their thoughts! Found this picture while scrolling through Twitter this morning on Callaway Japanese account. They have a removable insole too so you can switch them out for something with more arch support. They are much more comfortable than converse and other fashionable sneakers because of how the footbed is shaped, my toes don’t get squatched together. Ecco is known for making “comfort shoes,” which aren’t necessarily the most desirable option if you want to strut your fashionista self on the streets of Milan. PIN THIS PIC TO SAVE IT! So maybe a 45 is good for him? Many of our readers use packing cubes to organize their shoes. If you’re an active traveler that’s planning to set out on a hike or need comfortable, waterproof sneakers to trudge through forest terrain, then the Ecco Cool 2.0 Gore Tex Sneakers are for you! So comfortable and my heel doesn’t slip out like the other styles of Ecco!”. Over the years I’ve learned that the EU 42 is better for me and the fit is spot on in the STREET RETRO. Can walk 15 to 20 km a day in them without any issues. I bought the silver so I can jazz up my casual clothes when needed. I wear an 11 M in Footjoy Dryjoy. Ecco Soft 5 3-Strap Sandal . × Bettinardi INOVAI 6.0 Limited Blackout Putter. This included days of walking over 20,000 steps. The Ecco Damara Ankle Sandal is two-toned and both cute and comfortable. In addition, the Ecco huarache sandals have a really soft footbed, allowing your foot to sink in while still providing support. Thanks for sharing this Both of these had good arch support, but the Damaras felt like they had more! Though a solid shoe to rely on, these sneakers come in eight fun colors to liven up your style. I should have heeded prior reviews. But this comfort-only reputation might be an unfair judgment. One TFG reader shares that “they are great and super comfy!”. There are a ton of colors to choose from, regardless of your style. I bought the Huarache Flash based on the original review. I quickly tried on a pair of 43 that were a little snug. Every Ecco shoe I’ve tried is super comfortable (I also have a pair of leather sneakers), so I can’t recommend them highly enough! I know the sole is great for walking around, but it’s good to know other traveler’s views on the straps . I measure a 6.5 (US) but sometimes wear a 7. The reason I am going one size lower than the recommended size is because, I went to a shoe store today that carries Ecco dress shoes and tried on a traditional lace up broad toe model (Most similar to the Classic Crossfires) and the 44 was loose for me with some slipage from the heel. This sandal comes in three different neutral colors that will fit perfectly with almost any outfit you bring along. Walked around many cities in them and they are super comfortable.”, “These are great, especially for those trips where you may take a hike or two but also still look smart for sightseeing! Man - This gets confusing by the minute - so many conflicting experience on the sizes! That's the same size as I wear, FWIW. He wants to try a pair of Ecco GTX Classic Saddles. Both fit just right! TFG readers think these Ecco travel shoes are adorable and one says, “My daughter has Ecco ballerina flats. (with video), the best packing cubes to use, where to buy them, the best ways to pack using them, and if they’re worth it! TFG readers happily share their Ecco shoes review. I have been looking for new summer sandals and am glad I read your article. No bells and whistles, just comfort and a traditional lace-up design. Eccos are tricky. Best for city walking! Dave Curry Big Oak custom center shaft The S-LITE is new from the innovative Danish brand and is a unique hybrid model that provides a fresh approach to design, delivering comfort and quality engineering. With this review, we hope to document the selection criteria and also list a few other shoes which made the cut. Toulon Columbus, Odyssey Tank, Speeder 757 Evo II Shaft - Black Friday Fund! The biggest downside to these sandals are the ankle straps. I went around the world in these Ecco hiking sandals… nice and cool and could put socks on if needed, although that was not fashionable it worked.”, “They’re perfect for Europe’s cobblestones.”, “I brought my Ecco 7 slip-ons to Italy this year and they worked out perfectly.”, I just got the Ecco Soft 7 Zip on Amazon and they are amazing! These highly breathable runners come in four different colors (including the “night shade” design we’ve featured) and are built for long-lasting comfort. TEE E8 Beta 16.5 deg Comfort is always an important consideration when choosing travel shoes, and their additional cushion makes them great Ecco walking sandals. what were the results? You can also find them at a number of online retailers, including, You only need three pairs of shoes for any trip. Started Yesterday at 11:28 AM. Go by your street shoe size (normal dress shoe) and then find the Ecco sizing - if he is 11, I'd guess 45, depending on the model of the Ecco shoe - you can also make a slightly loose shoe fit better with an aftermarket insole. If you’re looking for a terrific Ecco travel shoe for those chiller fall or spring days, these high-top sneakers are worth a look. Wore my black high-tops nearly every day when I traveled to France.”. Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 8 deg Check out the top readers recommended Ecco shoes! No bells and whistles, just comfort and a traditional lace-up design. The Ecco Damara ankle sandal has a very versatile and minimalist look that mimics many chic sandals currently available. Perfect travel shoe.”, “Great support, I wore these in France. We have to agree – many of their styles do strike a good balance between fashion and function. , wear it to any destination with a warm climate and it will match with all your clothing.

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