The seat padding is made from cold-cured foam, giving it longer sponginess and, therefore, longevity. Want a top-grain leather gaming chair with a sophisticated look? The XL version of Secretlabs’s Titan has been described as having your flight upgraded from Economy class to Business – the extra room is noticeable immediately. ARGO The Evolution of a Gaming Chair Revolution ARGO The Evolution of a Gaming Chair Revolution The combination of gaming and ergonomics Argo is built with a premium aluminum frame and highly breathable mesh cushion that brings lasting maximum support for the most comfortable gaming experience. Both the backrest and seat are padded with a generous amount of foam and covered in premium PVC leather that’s a doddle to clean. Well, FantasyLab took a different approach and thought about the shoulder span of big and tall gamers. Key specs – Height adjustability: 9cm; Width of seat base (inner): 32-36cm; Length of backrest: 86cm; Width of backrest (total and inner): 58cm and 30cm; Backrest adjustability: 85-165°; Seat depth: 54cm; 4D armrest: Yes, lockable; Rocking mechanism: Yes, up to 11° with angle lock; Pillows: Yes, neck; Maximum weight (user): 130kg; Warranty: 5 years. The days of cracking and peeling are gone! It has 4D armrests, a rocking mechanism (but with no angle lock), comes with lumbar and neck pillows and includes a 5-year warranty. It also has many other features that you’d come to expect – 4D armrests, an extensive recline, and cold-cure memory foam cushioning to name just a few. The body of this chair is covered with high-quality PVC leather, which is fade resistant and also easy to clean. Key specs – Height adjustability: 10cm; Width of seat base (inner): 32-37cm; Length of backrest: 87cm; Width of backrest (total and inner): 52cm and 28cm; Backrest adjustability: 90-135°; Seat depth: 49.5cm; 4D armrest: Yes, lockable; Rocking mechanism: Yes, up to 14° with angle lock; Pillows: Yes, lumbar and neck; Maximum weight (user): 180kg; Warranty: 2 years. Maxnomic gaming chairs are incredibly popular with streamers like them, which says a lot about Maxnomic’s quality. GadgetsToCompare is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Of course, there are more professional-looking designs, too. The chair is pretty painless to assemble and looks great, too. Pay close attention to the dimensions and check the height adjustment options. The lockable 4D armrests provide plenty of wiggle room to cater for different sized individuals, and the included lumbar and neck pillows make for a better posture while you’re gaming. Adjust the seat in depth so that you get to your pedals or adjust it in height so that your legs rest under an ergonomically correct angle. Part of what makes the KillaBee gaming chair the most comfortable chair in this list is how every single part is adjustable, so you can find the perfect angle no matter what body shape you have. Once would have sufficed but it shouldn’t be off-putting for those who don’t support the team. The DXRacer sports a higher backrest to keep your back straight and neck in a comfortable position. Anda Seat Fnatic Edition Pro Gaming Chair Black & Orange - Premium Office Lumbar Back Support Desk Chair - Ergonomic Backrest, Seat & Arm Height Adjustment Gaming Seat £379.99 Buy now 3. This helps set just the right angle for whatever you have planned. This model gaming chair is rated for occupants with a maximum weight of 130 lbs which is about 58 kg. Starting from around £110 for the PU leather model, and going up to around £170 for the real leather variant, the Noblechairs footrest provides a comfortable pad for your feet and legs. Using a measuring tape, measure back from that point to the back of the chair you’re sitting in – this will be the depth of chair that you need. Styled to match a very swish car seat, the Vernazza is certainly a looker. Sit comfortably, how you normally would when working at your desk – with your back up straight against the backrest and thighs slightly apart. You will, however, have to weigh less than 120kg if you want to use the chair. The Master Series Max is one of the only gaming chairs capable of a full 180-degree recline, meaning you can get in any position imaginable to stay comfortable. Over time, this will mould around your body. However, when it comes to gaming chairs, your options are somewhat limited – not every chair will accommodate your tall frame and, if you've been hitting the gym, your body won't fit in some of these bespoke narrow chairs. Finding the best gaming chair for a big and tall person can be difficult. It might come with a hefty price tag, but that’s the price you’ll have to pay if you want finely stitched leather seams and cold-cured foam inside your seat. All rights reserved. Setting it apart from other gaming chairs, the DXRacer King Series has a higher backrest, keeping your back up straight and disallowing tension to build in your neck – which tends to happen when gaming for long periods. The Secretlab Titan 2020 has the softest pillow you’ll ever set your neck on – the head pillow is made out of memory foam. Removable lumbar and neck cushions provide welcome support should you need it, though taller individuals may find the latter is positioned a little too low when they’re sat upright. Finding the best gaming chairs for big and tall gamers comes down to what features you value the most and what fits into your budget – but you can’t go wrong with any of the ten chairs listed here! Finally, the chair offers some great mobility, featuring 360-degree swiveling, adjustable heights on the seat and armrest, and the ability to lock in a reclined angle anywhere between 90 and 170 degrees. A high-density sponge has been molded into the seat and back support, making it a comfortable chair for those that sit for extended periods. Another unique feature is the Rock It & Lock It functionality, where the user can adjust how much rocking they’re able to do by adjusting the tension. Gaming chairs are useful for anyone who spends extended amounts of time in front of their monitors, but when you are a big guy or girl finding one that suits you can be difficult. If you've got yourself a gaming chair, or were thinking of bettering your experience with one, then you may want to consider picking up a footrest. Many gaming chairs have four-directional (4D) armrests that let you adjust the height, swivel and width adjustments, as well as shunt them back and forth so that they’re in the perfect position to support your arms. Not many gaming chair producers have their roots in car manufacturing. Expert Reviews™ is a registered trade mark. Key specs – Height adjustability: 7cm; Width of seat base (inner): 30.5-32cm; Length of backrest: 86cm; Width of backrest (total and inner): 55cm and 29.5cm; Backrest adjustability: 90-165°; Seat depth: 54cm; 4D armrest: No 3D, not lockable; Rocking mechanism: Yes, up to 12° with angle lock; Pillows: Yes, lumbar and neck; Maximum weight (user): 145kg; Warranty: 2 years. The result of both makes the chair very comfortable to sit on, although it might be a bit tight for well-built individuals. When fully reclined, it’ll feel as if you’re lying down – great if you’re going for the authentic cockpit feel. It’s able to recline up to 135 degrees, making it incredibly versatile in what you use it for – from work to gaming, to watching movies.

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