Official flags were yellow. Shades of green/blue are used to decorate homes for longevity and harmony. Jasper Green — Bi Yu Shi (碧玉石) In Chinese Buddhism, yellow is associated with freedom from material needs and monks wear yellow robes. Combinations of gold and red are seen on special occasions and is a winning color combination for packaging consumer goods. This is the most important color from an ancient perspective. The deep orange-yellow of the Buddhist robe is called 大黄 dà huáng. Green is the color of vegetation and so is the symbol of spring and promise of future harvest in China. 绿 ( lü / lǜ ) belongs to the 3000 most common Chinese characters (rank 1062) Chinese example words containing the character 绿 ( lü / lǜ ) 红绿灯 ( hónglǜdēng = traffic lights ), 绿茶 ( lǜchá = green tea ), 绿灯 ( lǜdēng = green light ) Red lanterns adorn businesses and residences. Book : Chinese Symbolism and Art Motifs:…, Book : The Chinese Maze Murders: A Judge…, Book : The Collision of Two Civilizations:…. Even better, you can check out our unique tool and create your own trip. We have also covered color combinations preferred in China. 绿 lù: refers specifically to leaf-green rather than blue-green. The 5 Colors. This is the color of crab shell, dark cyan mixes with light green, which is also a common color for pottery. A modern name is 咖啡色 kā fēi sè 'coffee colored'. Overlooking the Forbidden City from Beijing Jing Mountain, one can see a sea of yellow glazed tile roofs. green translate: 顏色, 綠色的,草綠色的, 政治的, 環境保護的, 植物, 長滿綠色植物的,有綠色植物覆蓋的, 不熟的, (尤指水果)不熟的,生的,青的;(木材)沒有乾的,濕的, 沒有經驗的…. Cinnabar gives the red color 丹 dān (often called 朱 zhū vermillion) for official seals and in itself was considered a potent elixir for long life. Green “Wearing a green hat” means “being cuckolded” in Chinese. English chinese vocabulary list with chinese characters and pinyin. We would be most grateful if you can help improve this page. In opera a painted red face indicates divinity and heroism and is often used for Guandi the god of righteous action. It has long been known as the complementary color to red in decorations and paintings. Generally the color blue has a negative connotation in China. A cucumber is known as either huángguā (Chinese: 黃瓜) "yellow melon" or qīngguā (Chinese: 靑瓜) "green melon", which is more commonly used in Cantonese. The Chinese wear white at funerals. Packaging for milk or produce is often in green to indicate that the product is contamination free. Blue/Green is the color of growth and vegetation and so life itself. The … Green is the color associated with the element ‘wood’, the Ming dynasty and the lucky number 8. The first Qin Emperor therefore chose black as his emblematic color to extinguish the red of the preceding Zhou dynasty. People wear red during weddings, festivals and other celebratory events. Buildings, banks and restaurants are often painted in green. Because of this, government cars are all black. Black denotes darkness and death but also honor; so in Chinese opera a blackened face is used for grim but honorable characters. The word 'mafia' translates to 'black society' in Chinese. Green is the color associated with the element ‘wood’, the Ming dynasty and the lucky number 8. Yellow is the national color and the color of the emperor. Originally the character 青 qīng used to be used to cover both the colors blue and green. Here is a list of the principal colors that are noted for their symbolism in Chinese art: In the Feng Shui system black is associated with water; from the destruction cycle black (water) extinguishes red (fire); and so the dynasty associated with ‘red’ should be followed with a ‘black’ dynasty.

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