He lived, now, primarily in the depths of his own soul and intellect, but this meant that certain kinds of problems went unnoticed and uncorrected. This letter was signed not just by Archimandrite Panteleimon, but by all the monks and novices of his monastery, and also by the nuns and novices of the Holy Nativity Convent. As soon as Metropolitan Vitalii was enthroned, Abbot Panteleimon moved swiftly to annul his earlier suggestions that the Church Abroad was perhaps not firm enough concerning ecumenism. The site is currently not supported for this browser. That fall the bishops postponed the election until the Feast of St. Philip (Metropolitan of Moscow) in late January, and Archbishop Vitalii functioned as locum tenens of the metropolitan throne. The end came quietly in his sleep, in the presence of the Kursk Mother of God Icon, shortly before dawn on November 21, 1985. the Moscow Patriarchate the "Mother Church" of the ROCOR? Panteleimon’s evident desire to escape a spiritual court. Home. Vitalii, the fourth metropolitan of the Church Outside Russia, had lived with his family in France after the Russian Revolution, entering monastic life in Czechoslovakia in 1939. For the next several months, information and testimony continued to be gathered, with no predetermination of Panteleimon’s guilt or innocence. Everyone else, on the other hand, was simply hoping and praying for a metropolitan who would be personally warm and outgoing, and who would help bolster the sagging morale of the Church Abroad. Your email address will not be published. A group of those who honor the late Metropolitan [announced plans] to erect a fitting chapel near the Holy Trinity Cathedral, where the remains of the First Hierarch will ultimately be interred.” 1 Articles concerning the Metropolitan’s life and death appeared in newspapers throughout the country — most notably the New York Times — and on both television and radio news. Yet the rumors would not go away. Men and women of intelligence and talent, the Grabbes had energetically served the Church through many trials and tribulations and, particularly during the post-war years, had achieved several positions of importance and power, which included not only the leadership of the Department of External Affairs at Synod and the Ecclesiastical Mission in the Holy Land, but also the naming of a sister of Bishop Gregorii as abbess of the monastery for women in Lesna, France. Panteleimon headed the Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Brookline, Massachusetts, originally a part of Russian Church Abroad. As the Russian Church Abroad prepared to enter 1988 — the important millennial year of celebrations for the Baptism of Russia — many of those who had guided the day-to-day activities of Synod headquarters for decades were gone, as was the extreme right-wing of the Church. Late in 1985, evidence was formally presented to the Synod of Bishops. Following World War II, he served as a pastor in one of the German camps for displaced persons, and in 1948 he was transferred to London. Patriarchate? This is the website of The Orthodox Monastery of the Transfiguration located in Ellwood City, PA. Search this site. The resident clergy immediately vested his thin body and placed him in a coffin, which was then carried to the cathedral to lie in state. Panteleimon. Responses to Books. Neketas Palassis, (March 31, 1986). Panteleimon and the abbot who had been uncanonically elected to succeed him, pending a canonical trial. Holy Transfiguration Monastery of Studite Brethren - monastic complex of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the town of Horodok, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine.Located on the area of the ancient settlement of town`s historical origin. In addition, he had become less visible (except during divine services) and less accessible to those outside his own small, protective circle. A pious old monk was brought forth to draw the lot between the two. On January 22, 1986, sixteen bishops met before the Kursk Icon at the Cathedral in New York and “unanimously resolved to leave the matter [of a new first hierarch] to the will of God, to choose a Metropolitan by a lot.” 2 Following a requiem for the first three metropolitans of the Church Abroad, and then a service of intercession before the Kursk Icon, two candidates, Vitalii of Montreal and Canada (born in St. Petersburg in 1910) and Antonii of Geneva and Western Europe (also born in St. Petersburg, in 1911) were nominated by ballot. In this way, you scandalize the “little ones” and cause grief to the hierarchy which gave you shelter and placed you under its omophorion, which remains unchanged and unswerving in its faithfulness to a pure confession of the Holy Orthodox Faith. Simultaneously, Antonii, turning on the very Church his family had served, the Church which had in return nurtured and rewarded him, seized some of the Church Abroad’s property in the Holy Land and elsewhere, engaging the bishops in a long series of litigations that are still unresolved as of this writing. They seek no rapprochement with the Soviet-dominated Moscow Patriarchate…” 5.

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