5 dokter semuanya masuk universitas kedokteran yang sama pada tahun 1999. Thanks a lot for all that you do , especially during these trying times @theigorot . The way the baby's mother kept her bowed head on his shoulder..ooff . I mean JWan is strict as a doctor with himself and others but he's never unfair. He can barely breath as he sees his mom lying in the hospital bed. Also, I think Joon-wan knew that as well, which is why he didn’t reprimand Jae-hak when he called him in the middle of the night and even praised him for watching over the patient well. Reassuring the nervous patient, he says that they’ll protect the baby this time. Huhu. But blaming him for naught, for not reciprocate? She ain't focused on a long standing medical career but the education sure helps on the resume when interviewing for Mrs. But he ended up with DS' sister. Seok-min and Chi-hong join him in the hall, and ask him about his resignation letter and Joon-wan’s response. I don't go forcing my feelings on that person. May 07, 2020. I cannot imagine what it would be like if we went the route of dirty hospital politics. Given all that, anything more would be massively out of character. huhu. 'height' : 600, Before he heads out, he asks if the rumors are true and asks for a doll. He's the one who spends the most of the time JWan and seems he never understands him. By Dramas Cool TV May 28, 2020. Sorry mom. JW is shown to be this perceptive, empathetic guy and GW just straight up asked him out. However, I’m glad Jae-hak knew what Joon-wan did for him because I think our chief resident needed reassurance that Joon-wan cared for him, too. Seok-hyung tells her that he prefers responsible people over smart ones, and during the ride over, he was worried that she might quit if the patient died. Thus, when he learns about Joon-wan’s apology, it tells Jae-hak that his mentor likes him, too, which is all he really needed in that moment. That's the meaning of leave "residents to handle their issues between themselves" and the reason that when Eun Won returned everyone treat her good, cuddling her, without any punishment because they don't want her to run away again. I agree. Joon-wan goes out of his way to help Jae-hak, even taking on the role of chief which he rejected, but what I loved most about Joon-wan’s behavior was that he never flaunted it. More than the workload (which I’m sure was still a contributing factor), Min-ha’s complaints stemmed from a lack of acknowledgement from her superiors—particularly from Seok-hyung. When is comes to medicine Joon-wan is all business in the sense that he doesn't mess around. I love the honest conversation between Seokhyung and Minah. Did anyone notice Jung-Won was in pain as he watch the baby? His wound is clean, so when his insists on a particular drug, Gyu-wool asks if he’s an addict. It’s clear from this episode and the previous one that Seok-hyung and the nurses trust Min-ha and turn to her for help rather than Eun-won. Watch video Full episodes of Hospital Playlist drama english sub & raw at dramacool and kissasian, download free Hospital Playlist English sub episodes. If he finds something is off about a person unless that person shows a better side of her/him, he may change his perception but thus far he may not yet see that. Remember the 1st episode when Jung-Won recruited him? That leads to his misunderstanding. There are a lot of hints that point out to Ikjun as Songhwa's partner. Jwon has his own principles which he stands fast, unchanging. The mother cries into his shoulders, and Joon-wan silently comforts her. He seems like an amazing human, so am not sure why he is so distant with his own children. If anything she’s still not his cup of tea. This caused him to feel exasperated with her action. Jung-won skips towards his friends and tells them that his patient has improved. Quality: HD View: 178 views. If the condition is same then please comment us in the comment box. That's when I realized how far and deep the stereotype of power-hungry people in the seat of power has run. How is this forty-year-old so adorable? Joon wan is a planner and thinks about the future. Please enter your username or email address. I've watched a really cool review on youtube about Minha and Eunwon. Though things have improved, it’s not good enough, and Joon-wan closes his eyes as he sighs. Exactly. Btw, who else thinks the husband of the patient with multiple miscarriages is a bit weird? But it looks like this non-reaction is also being read as him being indifferent to GW by many. They might come from the different ground. View All Episodes. Eun Won really made my blood boil with her scheming ways. Forget having feelings or being friends, Jeong Won has strictly maintained an amicable professional relation with her thus far. Connect with Facebook

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