a) May be implied from the conduct of the parties Which one of the following is the agreement that is enforceable by law? Business law MCQs for B.COM Here, we are sharing very important "Business law MCQs for B.COM". (B) Legal Entities B.Trilateral contracts D.None of above, Answer - Click Here:B.Trilateral contracts, …..is the promise which forms the consideration or part of the consideration for each others. (B) Company or Corporation. b) Express warranty Answer - Click Here:D. Click Here for VIP MCQs Collection for LLB/LLM. 3)Valid Answer - Click Here:C, (6) When agency is ratified it must communicated with….. Answer - Click Here:D, (12) The warranty of quiet possession is? 7 (A) Individuals B. e) None of these International Law Solved MCQS from 2000 to 2011 International Law Solved MCQS 2000 (1) Provisions of Municipal Law:- (a) are enforceable in international relations without any qualification (b) are enforceable in international -relations if they are not in conflict with international law; (c) are not at all enforceable in international relations. (B) Unlimited Liability 4. 5)None of these b) Stipulations b) Middle man International Business (ADM3318) University of Ottawa. FEATURED QUIZ ⇒ View the Answer GENERAL MCQS Current Affairs General Knowledge Everyday Science Arithmetic/Mathematics Computer/IT English (Vocab&Grammar) MCQs SCIENCE MCQS General Science Biology Chemistry … 8 pages April 2017 88% (60) 88% (60) Business Model - E- Business MCQ - Multiple Choice questions Other. … Latest posts by Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil, a) May be implied from the conduct of the parties, Peach Tree MCQs Questions Answers – Exercise, Digital Marketing MCQs questions and answers pdf, Commercial Activities MCQs Questions Answers. 4) None of these Void agreement When Shahzeb accepts the proposal 4)Family c) Rule c) Principal a) May be implied from the … b) Consideration 2)Illegal (3) Four party (A) Unlimited Liability Partnership (A) Unlimited Liability (D) None of these, Answer - Click Here:(C) All of the above A and B, In general, Partnership entails which one of the following liability? 4) All of these 1)Public Answer - Click Here:1, (g) The person which is represented as an agent ______? a) Anticipatory a) Principal b) Express condition c) Express warranty 1)Public 2)Private 3)Local 4)Family 5)None of these b) A breach of contract can be of… Answer - Click Here:4, (I) Contingent goods belongs to _______ goods? B. 3) All of these e) None of these 2) An illegal agreement 2)Private a) Express warranty (C) Both (A) and (B) 3. 6 D. None of, Sameed proposes by letter to sell a house to Shahzeb. (c) How many parties are there to a Promissory note? 1)Discharged (C) Both (A) and (B) 3. C. 4 4)None of these d) Owner (D) I, II and III 2. 3)None of these 37 pages … c) Whole contract Void contract (f) An agreement that is caused by fraud, misrepresentation & coercion is _____? B. 5)None of these 8 pages April 2017 88% (60) 88% (60) Business Model - E- Business MCQ - Multiple Choice questions Other. 2) Constitution (C) A, B and C, A Contract can be signed between This list of International business MCQ for NET Exam, PG and Ph D entrance exam preparation will also help students of other streams. A.One sided contracts b) A breach of contract can be of ___________ breach. Void agreement C. 8 37 pages … (2) One party 3)Void Answer - Click Here:B, (9) The condition on title is an example of….. GLOBAL CIVIL SOCIETY Raffaele Marchetti 78 8. b) Third party 3)Contingent c) Actual C. Always in written 3)Two a)Law is either private law or _________ law. Business Law Now! a) Implied warranty (A) B only

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