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Mention should also be made of her excellent translator Deborah Smith who wrote brilliantly literary prose. I’m a Giraffe (Bi-lingual, Vol 34 – Seoul), Akeldama (Bi-lingual, Vol 41 – Avant Garde), Love in the Big City / Late Rainy Season Vacation, Mother’s Stake I (Bi-lingual, Vol 4 – Division), My Very Last Possession and Other Stories, Flowers (Bi-lingual, Vol 69 – Discovering Everyday Life), The Canning Factory (Bi-lingual, Vol 68 – Discovering Everyday Life), Three Days of Autumn, 1948 (Bi-lingual, Vol 36 – Tradition), The Place Where the Harmonium Was (Bi-lingual, Vol 12 – Women), Our Friend’s Homecoming (Bi-lingual, Vol 9 – Industrialization), 20 Years 20 Days: Reflections from Prison, Rainy Days (Bi-lingual, Vol 109 – Korea After the Korean War), Tuesday River (Bi-lingual, Vol 80 – Fate), A Journey under the Moonlight (Bi-lingual, Vol 39 – Tradition), In the Shade of the Oleander (Bi-lingual, Vol 40 – Tradition), Drumbeat (Bi-lingual, Vol 71 – Taboo and Desire), The Image of Virgin Mary in Chosun White Porcelain, The Song of Ch’unhyang: Musical Text as compiled by Master Singer Kim Yŏn-su, Premodern Korean Literary Prose: An Anthology, The poet of Wonmi-dong (Bi-lingual, Vol 10 – Industrialization), The Wounded (Bi-lingual, Vol 1 – Division), Two Stories From Korea: The Wounded & The Abject, Panmunjom (Bi-lingual, Vol 26 – South and North), Leaves of Grass (Bi-lingual, Vol 103 – Before and After Liberation), On You (Bi-lingual, Vol 43 – Avant Garde), Mujong (The Heartless): Yi Kwang-Su and Modern Literature, A Brief Biography of Yuja (Bi-lingual, Vol 37 – Tradition), Pilon’s Pig (Bi-lingual, Vol 16 – Liberty), Wings (Bi-lingual, Vol 91 – Colonial Intellectuals Turned “Idiots”), An Idiot’s Delight (Bi-lingual, Vol 98 – Traditional Korea’s Lost Faces), Two Bankruptcies (Bi-lingual, Vol 102 – Before and After Liberation), Father and Son (Bi-lingual, Vol 77 – Fate), Burying a Treasure Map at the U-turn (Bi-lingual, Vol 64 – Relationship), Song of Everlasting Spring (Bi-lingual, Vol 83 – Aesthetic Priests), Lecturer Kim and Professor T (Bi-lingual, Vol 92 – Colonial Intellectuals Turned “Idiots”), The Man Who Was Left as Nine Pairs of Shoes (Bi-lingual, Vol 8 – Industrialization), With the Love for the Stars (Bi-lingual, Vol 21), Bloody-Sunday (Bi-lingual, Vol 70 – Discovering Everyday Life), Love, Hopelessly (Bi-lingual, Vol 62 – Relationship).

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