For example, he could activate Inkmoth Nexus to block a large flier, and then sacrifice it to bang-bang the opponent for 5 before it died in combat. For its part, Shrapnel Blast can obviously contribute to an artifact-themed deck. …but if it's your only one? Archive Rarity: Common; Type: Artifact Land; Set: Darksteel; Banned in; Mary Jacobson's Modern deck from Grand Prix Lincoln back in 2012 nicely showcases the success of these two cards in concert, as well as many other interlocking synergies. I thought I'd follow up on last week's discussion with two Magic 2015 preview cards that, both separately and in concert with one another, exemplify the principle of synergy: Darksteel Citadel and Shrapnel Blast obviously have synergy with one another (you can sacrifice Darksteel Citadel to pay for Shrapnel Blast, but ideally, neither should be entirely dependent on the other), but the fun thing about these two cards is how many interesting synergies they have shown with cards in the past. You're going to have some problems. If you were, say, to use a Glimmervoid to play the first-turn Springleaf Drum or Signal Pest we mentioned just a moment ago, you might be leaving yourself open to a two-for-one. If history is any gauge, both will be capable of making contributions. Posted in Level One Is the land destroyed? But it is important to note that—as obvious as it might seem—the card itself has text and does stuff, even without any help or other artifact-specific interactions. Let's say the opponent had some sort of Disenchant/Naturalize and immediately destroyed your artifact. Here is one example from a bit further back: In this deck, Joshua Ravitz played a variety of artifacts that stood on their own in terms of card utility: There were lots of cool and fun tricks that Josh could accomplish with his deck. That's what makes Darksteel Citadel so great with Glimmervoid! But Sensei's Divining Top took a little more intent. Playing it follows the normal rules for playing a land. But one of the things that makes Shrapnel Blast interesting is how it can contribute not only to an artifact deck, but just a burn deck. And then, by extension, is … Darksteel Citadel. Why are they banned in Mirrodin Block? Up next: More, much more, on two-card combinations. These cards clearly have synergy with one another, but it is important to remember that unlike Darksteel Citadel (which taps for ! What you want to avoid—especially when tempted by such a clean and cost-less enabler as Darksteel Citadel—is making Shrapnel Blast one half of a two-card combination. For example, your first-turn Darksteel Citadel can produce a Springleaf Drum or Signal Pest. Twitter. Ranking Every Land with EDHREC – Part 31: On the Verge of the End. In our example of Mary Jacobson's deck, it even has "blast" redundancy with Galvanic Blast! EDHREC relies on ads to pay server costs and fund new features. 7/18/2014: Although Darksteel Citadel is an artifact, it can’t be cast as a spell. Glimmervoid is obviously powerful—a Mana Confluence that never pings your life total—but it has a disadvantage of its own that prevents it from being played in a wide variety of decks. ), Shrapnel Blast has no text whatsoever in isolation. Which would stink. ... #darksteel citadel, #deathrite shaman, #demonic tutor, … Isn't type 2.0 a block format? Darksteel Citadel, first and foremost, is an artifact land. Or dealt 5 or more damage by a card's effect? As an artifact land, Darksteel Citadel can stand on its own (the "land" part); very little can stop it, legitimately, for tapping for . You could tap Sensei's Divining Top to draw a card, and then in response sacrifice it to Shrapnel Blast.

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