Memorise the compounds and their formulas and attempt the related questions easily to score maximum marks. Common chemical names are used in spoken or informal written communication by chemists. Get Daily GK & Current Affairs Capsule & PDFs, Sign Up for Free Create free Account? Questions belonging to physics, chemistry & biology are frequently asked in most of the competitive exams including SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, SSC CPO, SCC JEE, SSC LDC, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO, IPPB Sc. If you have any doubts or queries about the list of chemical formulas and their common names then do let us know in the comments section below! Strategy: A If it is not given, determine the charge on a monatomic ion from its location in the periodic table. Hydrofluoric Acid: HF Also known as: hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoride, hydrogen monofluoride, fluorhydric acid.. Acetate CH3COO-Aluminate AlO2-Aluminum Al +3. Examples – Carbon Dioxide, Sodium Chloride. In government exams like SSC or Railways, few questions from General Science Section are from Chemistry. Molecular compounds can form compounds with different ratios of their elements, so prefixes are used to specify the numbers of atoms of each element in a molecule of the compound. List the common names together with the chemical names and formulae of 20 household chemicals. To help you attempt the chemistry questions without any glitches, we are sharing with you a detailed list of Chemical Formulas and their Common Names. Before you take a look at the list of Chemical Compounds and formula SSC, let’s understand some basic definitions below! Govt Jobs Today: Check the Latest Information about the Various Govt Jobs Released today! Asked for: empirical formula for ionic compound. Asked for: empirical formula for ionic compound. When the following elements become ions, state: ion ... Name or Give the Formula of That Compound!! Before moving ahead have a look at the Chemical compounds. If you keep an eye on the latest trend followed by SSC for General Awareness questions, you would notice that Science facts are covering major portions of it. Generally questions from the topic Common Names and Formulas of Important Chemical Compounds are asked in every competitive exam. A combination of multiple elements that can be reduced to simpler substances by chemical means and have properties different from those of its parent elements. This is the chemical structure of hydrofluoric acid: fluorine (cyan) and hydrogen (white). Keep revising them in order to remember most of it at the time of exams. Therefore we use Common Names like table salt but you should also keep in mind that common names are not universal and vary from place to place. List of chemical compounds and their common names and formulas August 2, 2020 August 2, 2020 by admin Chemical Compounds list & formula – Let’s find out first what a Chemical Compound- is a chemical combination of two or more similar molecules collected together the atoms bonded with chemical bonding. Here some chemical compounds that common in household. For some simple compounds, their systematic and common names are the same. 20 Monatomic Ions: Try It!!! Bihar Police Driver Constable Test Series. Chemical formulas are expressions which state the number and types of atoms present in a molecule of a substance. The below table covers the Chemical compounds and their formulas with their common names. Now that you know what a chemical formula is let’s understand what are chemical compounds and also take a look at the list of chemical formulas and their common names. Chemical compounds is a chemical formula created by combining two or more chemical elements. Sign In, Create Your Free Account to Continue Reading, Download List of Chemical Formulas & their Common Names PDF, List of Chemical Formulas and Their Common Names Definition & Complete List, 1. Chemical names are just to give an accurate description of a substance’s composition but you rarely ask someone to pass sodium chloride at the dinner table. Strategy: A If it is not given, determine the charge on a monatomic ion from its location in the periodic table. List of Chemical Formulas and their Common Names Chemical Compounds, Complete List of Chemical Formulas and Their Common Names, Compilation of Previous year SSC Questions, List of History, Polity & Geography Questions for SSC, UPPSC BEO Admit Card 2020 Released – Direct Link To Download RITES Recruitment 2020 – Last Date to Apply Online Extended! UPPSC APO Admit Card Released – Get Direct Link to Download Interview Call Letter Here! For students who had science in 10+2, answering such questions is not hard but for those who did not, it becomes quite difficult. In government exams like SSC or Railways, few questions from General Science Section are from Chemistry. You can also download the free pdf given in this article to memorise the below-given list. Let’s now look at the Chemical Compounds List and Formulas in the table below which also includes common names of that particular compound. Delhi Police Constable Exam Analysis Shift 1 27 Nov 2020 Out – Get First Shift Analysis Here! Current Affairs Quiz November 2020 – Attempt Quiz to Strengthen your Exam Prep! OR; Identify 20 chemicals in everyday household items (which is a hint to read the 'ingredients' labels on packets of cleaning materials, paints and other containers of substances in your home).

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