Buy the best Matcha bowl, whisk, bamboo Scoop, metal Spoon, hand Sifter and other tea accessories at Tealyra Canada. No geisha required: just pour almost-boiling water over your powdered tea and whisk until you reach an even consistency. This traditional bamboo whisk, known as a "chasen", is used in Japanese tea ceremonies to prepare perfectly smooth matcha. A Benuo do one-stop pf Matcha-ware and gift kit, like: matcha bowl ( chawan), bamboo matcha whisk ( chasen ), matcha scoop ( chashaku ) and spoon, whisk holder, sifter, various gift sets and so on.. Q Can you do customized designings?. MATCHA NINJA IS tHE BEST TASTING, EASIEST TO USE RAW, ORGANIC MATCHA ON THE PLANET. matcha is pure green tea leaves specially grown and stone ground into a fine green powder containing 10 x the nutrients of regular green tea. We hand-whisk each drink as well as in all of our drinks, we only use Organic Ceremonial Grade or Imperial Grade Japanese Matcha and never any preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or added colors. A Yes, we're professional at this! Collection #748. Health is our number one priority and hence why most of our drinks are unsweetened or have minimal calories, fat and sugar. Q What matcha-wares do you have?. Matcha Bowls and Accessories in Canada. A traditional bamboo whisk used to prepare perfectly smooth matcha.

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