The extent to which it enhances sustain is widely debated amongst bassists, but it’s certainly a valid option. Before we get into the tonal pros and cons, let’s consider the physical ones. You can also think about the bridge material, as dense metals tend to provide more sustain. The Omega Bass bridge is engineered to enhance sustain, attack and clarity without changing the fundamental tone of your bass. If your bridge does have individual saddle height adjustment screws, then you can make more precise tweaks by lowering them. The bridge can be adjusted in several ways to tweak intonation and string height. Each string sits on an individual saddle that sets the spacing between the strings. Hipshot Supertone 2 Point pre-1973 Gibson replacement bridge Breathe new life into your Gibson bass with the new completely redesigned Hipshot SuperTone Bass Bridge. Fender is one of the first names in bass, period. And as you will discover, the best Bass Guitar Bridges & Bridge Parts are not always the ones at the highest prices! There's a problem loading this menu right now. Ultimately these are all subtle gains, but that’s what it’s all about when you are trying to find your ideal sound! As you can see, the bridge plays a big part in the feel and sound of your bass, so it’s important to choose your bridge wisely. Bass bridges come in a few different forms, from the vintage bent metal Fender design to the bulkier high-mass types. Our most popular products based on sales. 5 Bragdon Lane, Unit 5 Multiple key style and finishes is available for a unique touch to any bass. In particular, brass bridges are well known to add some extra sustain if you don’t mind the added weight. How saddles are adjusted is another factor that you should consider. Available as single detuners or as a set with tuning keys and a detuner for the lowest string. Many bassists will tell you that it is criminal to put a newer high-mass bridge on a vintage P-Bass or Jazz Bass. Gotoh 201B4 bass bridge, with screws, 2-1/4" string spacing. It’s also argued that they can add more sustain, clarity and punch. I don't necessarily want "the best" bass, if that would mean something with a modern tone. That increased volume could potentially exaggerate the punchy sound even more. Whatever style and sound you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at Best Bass Gear! Some saddles can only be raised or lowered, while others can also be adjusted horizontally to alter string spacing. They offer bridges of all types, materials and finishes to suit any bass guitar. Many manufacturers produce bridges that will retrofit using the existing holes on your bass, avoiding the dread you may feel of attacking your precious bass with an electric drill! They come in a wide range of styles too, including A-style, B-style, D-style and Transtone. The KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge is designed to be installed on many new or used bass guitar brands, such as: Fender, Ibanez, Spector, BC Rich, Jackson and Tune Guitar Technology. Ray Ross bridges are manufactured from solid naval brass, which is known for a resonant, full-bodied sound. If your bridge reminds you of a flimsy tin can, for less than $100 you can upgrade to something much meatier. However, it’s worth remembering that the iconic Precision/Jazz sound was made popular with these vintage bridges. Ultimately, a great tone isn’t worth anything if it isn’t consistent! Improve the quality of the hardware on your existing bass or fresh build. For many bass players, Babicz bridges, with their Full Contact Hardware (FCH) system, are the only way to go. Generally speaking, a more substantial bridge will provide the most sustain. Many bassists prefer a more substantial high-mass bridge for purely aesthetic reasons; they can look awesome. Have a look at the full range of high-quality bass bridges we stock, and if you have any more questions, just get in touch! There is always active debate in the bass community on which is best – Fender’s vintage-style bridges or high-mass bridges. You might be looking for more sustain, or added stability for peace of mind if you like to play particularly hard. Alternatively, Hipshot or Omega bridges are also solid choices if you are looking to increase sustain. Detuners provide a unique way to drop tune your bass guitar from a single step up to two full steps with the convenience of only a flick of a lever! On top of the apparent changes, the TonePin design makes intonation and string height adjustments a breeze. They are also incredibly responsive to your picking dynamics, which creates a more definite relationship between player and bass. Brass saddles lend themselves to a full and warmer sound that is well rounded thanks to a little added sustain. The Omega design protects from any sideways movement of strings or saddles to provide the purest sound transfer. Sold out BB-0355 Vintage-style Bass Bridge $32.00 Vintage style bass bridge, Nickel, "threaded rod saddles", 2-1/4" string spacing. Activists Guitar Luthier Tools 9 Understring Radius Gauge Luthier Tools, 32 Blades Feeler Gauge Dual… However, as a general guide, we think Leo was on the mark. So, the best bridge is the one that gels best with your playing style – always base your final decision on that. Let’s get the fundamentals out of the way – the bridge is the metal plate that secures the strings to the body of the bass. Bridges also come in different sizes. Now, thinking musically, the larger footprint of a high-mass bridge should mean it transfers more string vibration to the body of the bass for a more resonant sound. His takeaway from that experimentation was that the heavier, more dense metals like steel and brass would sustain notes longer, especially the treble frequencies. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. One of the reasons that this bridge can claim such a pure tone is the stability of the saddles. It’s very much a personal relationship between the player and the instrument, which is why upgrading the hardware to find your ideal tone can be a smart move. Many bassists will tell you that it is criminal to put a newer high-mass bridge on a vintage P-Bass or Jazz Bass. However, the increase in sustain will depend on the specific bass guitar. For example, the popular Kickass Bass Bridge model offers adjustable spacing from 17.5mm to 20mm. The advantage of using titanium over steel is that it resonates sound more. The next generation of Fender’s American-built Precision, the Fender American Ultra Precision Bass, is a doozy. Pickups. The bridge is also favored by builders and luthiers that require the best style and tone for their instruments. bass guitar, fan-fret, bass bridge, B-bender, guitar bridge, tremolo, bass machine heads, bass tuners, multi-scale, tuners, bridges, headless, vibrato, hardware. The mass of the bridge and saddles make a major difference in tuning stability, sustain and playing comfort. In truth, there are valid reasons to support either. Even if you are a first-time buyer, you are likely to be familiar with the name. While manufacturers each may take a different approach, the end goal of a better, more reliable tone is always the same. They come in various options and are ideal for the real tone freaks out there! As we have mentioned, results vary depending on your bass and style.

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