This is being accomplished by writing a porting tool, named '', which is able to convert the source files in the Microsoft Macro Assembler format to Z80. Right after the BUILD conference, Microsoft released the source code for the first version of GW-BASIC for the MS-DOS under the MIT license.Not only this is an improved version of the very first product that kickstarted the company, it's also the base for my first programming language, the MSX BASIC. TDL's Z80 Macro Assembler. Originally designed by … His Z80 port was licensed for a variety of machines --- Amstrad made a range of Z80 notebooks with his Basic in ROM. About The original source code of Microsoft GW-BASIC from 1983 Not open source, unfortunately. It had relocating code capability and a fairly decent collection of macros. Microsoft BASIC Interpreter v5.21 Turbo Pascal 3.0 for CP/M-86 L80.COM Microsoft Link-80 v3.44 (09-Dec-81) A version 3.1 can be download from my mirror > here < (see also Simtel CPMUG002 disk). Converting GW-BASIC to the Z80 2020-06-21. assembly; programming; retrocomputing; z80. ASM80 Source: 26K This is the CP/M 2.2 assembler ASM.It has been disassembled, and presented in both 8080, and Z80, mnemonics. His version even includes 80186 or Z80 inline assemblers, depending on the version. I spent a lot of time reverse engineering some of it to add new functionality to the disk basic commands, which were unused if you only had cassette tape storage. CP/M 2.2. This repo contains an ongoing port of Microsoft's GW-BASIC interpreter from 8086 to Z80. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments. Port of Microsoft GW-BASIC to Z80. This was perhaps the first Z80 assembler utilized by the S-100 community. M801.COM MACRO-80 with 6502 code gen option via the .6502 directive. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of CP/M, the Computer History Museum has released a package containing early source code for several versions of CP/M. I've used all his versions, and they're superb. CP/M 2.2 ASM SOURCE: 60K This ZIP file contains a disassembled source for CP/M 2.2 in both 8080, and Z80, mnemonics.This source is highly commented and claims to implement a fix for a problem with deblocking algorithms. FTL-MODULA2-V130.ZIP BASCOM53.ZIP Microsoft BASIC Compiler v5.3 See below for a different version if this doesn't work for you. We used to "Protect" BASic programs by poking a dummy line number -1 at the start of the program. Tiny BASIC was published in a first version with source code in 1976 (DDJ magazine). It utilized Intel 8080 style opcodes and had its own unique opcodes for Z80 specific instructions. Remember, to exit the interpreter, you have to use 'BYE' instead of 'SYSTEM'. Back on topic, the TRS-80 also had basic supplied by Microsoft (but Z80 code).

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