Of course, this is my opinion and guitar modes are very subjective. Sure, the titans of the 70s drew up the rules of engagement, but virtually every scene that exists today can trace its origins back to those 10 seismic years.The world beyond the gates of the metal scene was convulsing. In its first position, Lydian can be played as shown below, and is normally heard over a major 7th chord: Play the Lydian Mode over this A Lydian backing track to internalise its unique character. Tip: try also lowering the 7th (to a b7 ) for a slight variation knowing as Lydian … Lydian is definitely one of my favourites for slow paced and down tuned metal - try holding that #4 for a sweet dissonant sound. The reason for this is that metal songs are predominantly in minor keys, yet Lydian is a major-type mode used over major chords. The seven modes of the major scale can be loosely grouped into two categories – Major or Minor (depending on whether they contain a major or minor 3rd degree). If you use this mode on electric guitar within the context of a rock or metal song, you will end up sounding very sophisticated. Lydian is an extremely important tonality in modern rock and essential learning for up-and-coming guitarists. The 80s was the decade in which modern metal was born. So, without further ado, here are over 75 examples of the 7 Modes of the Major Scale in action in famous Rock, Blues and Metal songs, taken directly from my instructional book Modes For Rock Guitar Players. To me it has a sort of “smart” sound. Maybe some metal bands have already did this but since you are probably more into metal than I am so you would be better to know who these groups are. The Lydian Mode happens to be one of my favorite guitar modes. The name Lydian refers to the ancient kingdom of Lydia in Anatolia.In Greek music theory, there was a Lydian scale or "octave species" extending from parhypate hypaton to trite diezeugmenon, equivalent in the diatonic genus to the medieval and modern Ionian mode (the major scale) (Barbera 1984, 233, 240). Ancient Greek Lydian. If I were you I would write a Lydian bass line or melodic line in Lydian and then I would write another one against it.

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