The slag formed is removed and hot gases dust escapes through outlet, which is provided in the throat portion of furnace. What Are The Different Types of Fasteners and Where to Use? This remelting is done in a furnace known as cupola furnace, which is more or less same as blast furnace. Steel reacts when exposed to moisture and more vulnerable to corrosion and rust if proper care is not taken. It is the type of iron that can be easily welded and reshaped while its red hot in the fire to get the desired form. Metals are significant materials in construction, architecture and design industry. They are susceptible to corrosion when bare surfaces are left exposed to oxygen in the presence of moisture. With metal, the design possibilities are not restricted with their versatility. Its shape is cylindrical with diameter about 1m and height of about 5m. Pig Iron is made by melting iron, charcoal and limestone together through extreme air pressure. Wrought Iron has a higher tensile strength compared to Cast Iron and can be used in the manufacture of horizontal beams. Here are some interesting facts about the two metals. Steel is an alloy of iron, carbon and other elements. Required fields are marked *, C-55, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I,New Delhi - 110020 (India), Copyright © 2020 McCoy Mart, all rights reserved, Cast Iron vs Wrought Iron vs Pig Iron vs Steel vs Aluminium. After the intense melting process in the furnace, the metal material pig iron is obtained. Wrought iron is ductile, malleable and can be heated again and again so that one could work on it so as to give it shape. Your email address will not be published. Cast iron is manufactured by remelting pig iron with coke and limestone. Wrought Iron is highly malleable and ductile material, and can be reheated a number of times. Pig iron is one basic material for the production of wrought iron, cast iron and steel. Geotechnical-Material Engineer. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Aluminium is listed second among metals and in sixth place in terms of ductility. About 8 percent of the earth’s solid surface is made up of aluminum. In comparison, wrought iron is slightly higher than aluminium. They are less susceptible to corrosion than Steel when bare surfaces are left exposed to oxygen in the presence of moisture. Pig iron can be used only after melting again with other substances. Wrought Iron is susceptible to corrosion when bare surfaces are left exposed to oxygen in the presence of moisture. pig iron contains many impurities like S, P, S i and M n while cast iron does not contain any impurity and can be cast into any shape D cast iron is soft and malleable while pig iron is extremely hard and brittle Both are malleable and ductile material. Wrought iron is comprised of pure iron and iron silicate. HOW TO INCREASE REPETITION VALUE OF PLYWOOD? You can connect me on Google +. Cast iron is iron that is melted and poured into a mold so that it takes the shape of the mold. 5 Types of Kitchen Sinks to Consider for Your Home, Single Bowl vs Double Bowl Sink : Pros and Cons. But the process of its manufacture is laborious and tedious. Cast Iron has a low melting point and is more fluid whereas Wrought Iron has a high melting point. Properties of Pig Iron. Pig iron has high content of carbon (3.5% – 4.5%) along with slight percentages of manganese, sulphur, silicon and phosphorous. Cast Iron is brittle, hard and non-malleable. You can follow me on Instagram. Wrought Iron is good for outdoor and indoor decoration purpose and Cast Iron is good for indoor decoration.Wrougth Iron can withstand extreme weather conditions and not corrode or rust easily. Wrought iron is the purest iron that comprises at least 99.5% iron. Products made of steel need more intensive workmanship than iron wrought. Phosphorous makes brittle and percentage may be 1 to 1.5 percent. By the reduction, the pig iron collects in the hearth of furnace. Aluminium and Wrought Iron are metals yet they have different chemical and physical characteristics in comparison. They are hard and strong and used as fabricating and structural material, and also used extensively in all sorts of construction.It has high tensile strength and elasticity which make it ideal to use as automobile and airplane parts. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail address. In fact, it has a high potential of becoming a superconductor. What are the advantages of Aluminium Railings? Water and carbon dioxide are removing from ores by calcinations. They hold advantages on certain aspects over other materials. Cast iron is a material derived from pig iron with 2 to 4 weight percent of carbon, as well as a high silicon concentration. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The pig iron is manufactured by the following operations. Smelting is carried out in a special type furnace known as blast furnace. Cast Iron is an alloy of iron and carbon which is hard and relatively brittle, cast iron has a higher proportion of carbon than steel (typically 2–4.3 per cent). To know more about me just visit AboutMe, Your email address will not be published. Wrought Iron is more stable and strong compared to Cast Iron. Pig iron is ideal for industrial use, construction industry, aviation, automotive and ship building. However Cast Iron has been replaced by steel in the construction industry. Track Order  |   Customer Support  |  About Us, Sell on McCoy Mart  |  Bulk Orders  |  Stories. However, one metal is different from another metal even if they look more or less the same. Your email address will not be published. Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen – Vastu Tips, Colours for Kitchen, Advantages and Disadvantages of Vitrified Tiles and its Types, Cladding Materials – Innovative Facade Solution for Building Exteriors, Advantages and Disadvantages of Marble Flooring. The raw material consists of iron ores, the fluxing materials like limestone and fuel like coal, charcoal is allowed to through throat portion of the furnace. 2. Wrought iron has high tensile strength but in comparison with Steel, they are slightly weak. Aluminium is the most abundant metal available in the earth’s surface unlike other metals. The content of carbon is very low in wrought iron. For preparing rail chairs, carriage wheels etc. Crushed into pieces 25mm, impurities of clay, loam and other earthy matter removed by washing, magnetic separators are used for magnetic impurities. Wrought iron is manufactured by four operations. Pig Iron and Wrought Iron are two types of metals with composition of different components. Cast iron differs from steel because it contains much higher levels of impurities. The manufacturing process involves separating iron from the heat and then worked with tools while it is still hot to get the desired form. The liquid mixture is then poured into molds and allowed to cool and solidify.Cast iron is harder, more brittle, and less malleable than wrought iron. At this stage, pig iron is very brittle and still unstable for any applications.

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