What are the ways of solving stress-related health issues? Topic 10. How can the government improve the quality of life for the disabled? Solution 3: Sporting events should not be broadcasted on TV. Solutions 2: Teach students how to say “no.” There are plenty of problems, even on your own campus, that need to be resolved. Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Topic 8. What are the ways to solve real estate fraud problem? Solution 1: Natural treatments and homeopathy should be encouraged. Solution 2: Doctors should be motivates (especially financially) to stay as primary care providers. Solutions 3: Prohibit the usage of guns at schools. Solution 1: Iran and Russia should collaborate in order to stop the spread of ISIS. Solution 3: Provide limitations concerning the extent contrary values and ideals may be highlighted in the media. Solutions 1: Apply an individualized approach to every student. Solution 2: Purchase some ad space on Google. Discuss the problem of poor attendance at school and highlight its connection with students’ lack of interest in studying and lack of motivation to achieve success academically. Questions that contain topics for problem and solution essays usually start with “how?”. Also, you can review current situation with this problem and evaluate past steps made to solve it. Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Solution 3: Demonstrate diplomatic approach towards states that take an active part in fighting terrorism. Solution 1: Promote mutual respect when it comes to different cultures. Solution 2: It is essential to make schools more technologically savvy, in particular make sure that students of each school have access to technological tools that make the learning process more interesting and easy. Topic 38. How is it possible to increase the number of films that pass Bechdel test? Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Besides, focus on one’s ability to access any type of information with the help of the Internet. How can the culture of throw-away society be eliminated? Solution 1: It is good to provide internal trainings for leadership positions within a company. How can negative effects of social media be reduced in face-to-face communication? The reason is that there are basically only two major things you will need to write about in your problem and solution essay, which makes it so much easier to research information and structure the paper. When it comes to the world of academic writing, you may notice that each type of essay writing has its own goals, purpose, and value. Solution 1: Funding intended to fight regime in the Middle East should stop since the money mainly goes into terrorists’ pockets. In this article you will find 10 major categories of topics, which will make it quick and easy for you to decide what type of problem and solution you would like to focus on in your essay. Writing a problem and solution essay might seem challenging at first, but once you’ve got your topic, you’re golden. Solution 2: Restrict the usage of social media by children. Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Children are in strong need of a guardian during their young years – specifically at the period when they are developed and when their mindset is formed. How can the problem of substance abuse be solved? Then your mind goes blank or nothing really sounds quite right. Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Video games prevent them from advancing their careers in the future. Solution 3: It is necessary to promote respect and patience within a community by means of media as well as in the workplace. How can the problem of greenwashing be solved? Summarize your essay here and restate your thesis. Think of some newly designed strategies that can be promoted by the government. Topic 27. How can schools adjust their education programs to the requirements of modern society (e.g. What are the ways to solve the issue of landfills? In such a case, teachers and parents should cooperate. Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. How can college students avoid alcohol abuse? Moreover, when working on a high school essay, try to keep in mind your target audience. What are the ways of reducing child obesity? Solution 1: Read some motivational or psychological literature on how to establish contact with people. Powerfulness of pharmaceutical industry If to have a look at the meaning of essay writing by default, you may definitely agree that essay writing is a great training ground for students who plan to continue their academic career in the future. The world population is growing at a very high rate and if something is not done, we’ll be more than the globe can support. Solution 2: People should be educated why moral outrage is a contradiction in terms. How can the issue of racial discrimination be solved in our society? In this way, children will have a reason to go to school since they will be more motivated and interested to study. Topic 22. Solution 3: Get to know the target market. Solutions 3: Carefully check teachers who are newly enrolled for the position. What are the ways of reducing gender pay gap? Moreover, as you gain more experience, you find out new ways of writing specific essays or narrating a specific topic in a variety of ways. Essays-Panda.com © 2020.

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