With organ donation, ... the doctors start to recover the organs by clamping the circulatory system to stop the ventilator from pumping blood around the body. Organ donation is the charitable act or gift of an organ to help someone who needs a transplant. 1. If the organ of a person losses after any severe disease or misfortune, it could be replaced with an organ of an individual, willing to donate in his life or after death. There are, obviously, problems with this system, said Brian Shepard, CEO of UNOS. Abouna GM. Abadie A, Gay S. The impact of presumed consent legislation on cadaveric organ donation: A cross-country study. British Medical Journal. Laws about organ transplantation have been passing attempts to provide a better system of organ donation and distribution and to encourage individuals to volunteer as organ donors. Organ shortage crisis: problems and possible solutions Transplant Proc. Under the existing system, grieving families are given the choice if a patient’s wish to donate is not known, “but less than half give consent for the organs to be donated”, says Metro. In USA, in 1968, The Uniform Anatomical Gift Act was the first effort at providing a national organ and tissue donation … There was a problem. Opt-out system for organ donation is well intentioned but misguided. Transplantation Proceedings 2008;40(1):34-8. Americans are not donating their organs to be used after they die, and hence there are over 78,000 men, women, and children waiting for organ transplants in America, and 14 of these people die every day while waiting to receive an organ transplant. This system works—but only up to a point. Organ Donation Pros and Cons: The human body is an exceptional example of God’s perfection.Any serious illness or accident could result in irreversible loss of organ or part of the body. For lungs, 30% of patients on the waiting list never get a transplant. Organ Shortage Crisis: Problems and Possible Solutions. 3. Rather it being an organ donor to receive an organ, some sort of point system, or financial incentives. (Calne, 2010) Offering financial incentives to potential organ donors, would solve the organ donation shortage in America. 2015. 2.

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