She is 45 years old and is a Virgo. Two CLG players in attendance, Harrison “Psalm” Chang and Nick “Marksman” Overton, performed incredibly well, both finishing top-10 in their respective events and bringing home over $1.8 million in total winnings. Still more than any of us will ever make but don't quit your day job. Emil Bergquist Pedersen aka Nyhrox (Norway)- $1,527,225 Psalm Isadora is a Virgo and was born in The Year of the Rabbit Life. Still more than any of us will ever make but don't quit your day job. Psalm finished in second place in July’s Fortnite World Cup, coming in with a very respectable 33 points after six matches. $1,950,800.00 total earnings though if you take out his Fortnite WCS winnings, he's only at $150,000. ... Bugha stole the show at the Fortnite World Cup, but 24-year-old Psalm proved his worth by taking the still-lucrative second-place spot in the solo competition, which earned him a grand total of $1.8 million. Psalm Isadora was born in California, United States on Wednesday, September 17, 1975 (Generation X). Psalm was a well-known Fortnite player. Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf tops Fortnite esports earnings with $3,062,966. Credit: He won a cash prize of $1,500,000 when he finished 1st at the Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019– Duo. Many people still think of video games as a diversion for children. The biggest pay out most certainly came from his runner up placing in the Fortnite … He won plenty of money playing competitively. Behind Bugha in Fortnite prize pool winnings is World Cup solos runner-up Harrison "psalm" Chang, followed by duos champions David "aqua" Wang and Emil "nyhrox" Bergquist. But the reality is that eSports is the fastest-growing segment within the entire sporting world, and revenues are skyrocketing.. As of 2017, the estimated total value of eSports at over $1.5 billion. Fortnite’s highest earners almost exclusively came up through the Fortnite World Cup. 4. Her work as a sex coach with repressed women in … Newegg’s officially sponsored esports team, CLG, walked away from the Fortnite World Cup as a rousing success.

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