Back in the 1960s the distinctive flavor was centered on sassafras root bark. Potentially, it has hundreds of different flavors. According to McGill Office for Science and Society, sassafras and sarsaparilla are the two root ingredients that are primarily responsible for root beer's iconic flavor — or were. Therefore, sassafras root can be considered the 'root' in root beer. If you like A&W or IBC Root Beer, give Sprecher's a try. There are a few international brands, but the flavour is quite different from, say, A&W. The best root beer I have ever had was Flavor 8, but they are out of business. THe flavor of root beer includes vanilla oil, wintergreen leaves, ginger root (meat), sasparilla bark (the inner skin) and licorice. The fact that IBC is #1 is embarrassing. Root beer, a once prevalent fizzy flavour is now as scarce as a silverback gorilla. A perfect accompaniment to a McRib in McDonald’s (also now sadly departed) or a great way to wash down a strawberry sundae after a round of ten-pin bowling. Root beer is a soft drink that was originally made with a mixture of different herbs and roots. Root beer is almost exclusively a North American drink. Expand for References. This is a very interesting question, because as you’re probably already aware, root beer doesn’t have “a” flavor. IBC is a mediocre root beer at best, and those who think it is the best have certainly never had a good brew. It used to be a staple of Fast Food joints and corner shops alike. These are the basic ingredient. Unfortunately it contains saferole which was discovered to be a carcinogen and it was banned. If you browse the shelves in Australia or the UK you’re probably more likely to find “ginger beer” than root beer. The main root that gave root beer its distinct flavor is sassafras root. There are many different variations that can be used to include using birch bark instead of sasparilla.

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