Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Each name refers to the same Shapton series of stones. This Shapton stone, at 12,000 grit, is a different level. To prevent some of the problems listed above, like 2 (laying outside in direct sunlight), 3 (in draughty, or windy locations), and 4 (in high temperatures) it is best to store the stones in the plastic boxes provided for the purpose. The Shapton line also includes two lapping plates, a sharpening pond, a stone holder and a field holder, all products that Snyder said are designed to deliver a consistently superior sharpening experience. However, you can also use this stone on woodcarving tools. The whetstone comes in a plastic case that also doubles as a stand! 3. After using your whetstone. SHAPTON Ha No Kuromaku Ceramic Whetstone (E-set) Medium Grit (#1000) + Fine Grit (#5000) + Fine Grit (#8000): Whetstones: In this video demonstration is a comparison of HR and HC Stones using the Shapton lapping plate and the sharpening pond. As a rule of thumb: Before use. By far some of the best stones on the market with the most versatile case I’ve seen. This stone is your go to stone for regular sharpening. I used a 3,000 then an 8,000 grit stone to get a really nice sharp edge and then went to work with my new Shapton 12,000. (1000 grit is shown as example) Care Instructions Do Shapton stones need … With this Shapton Pro Stone you can quickly and very evenly sharpen your knives. Shapton Traditional Stones are often called the Shapton Pro or Professional Stones. Do not soak any whetstone that have a grit 3000 and above in water, these require only a small amount of water. Press J to jump to the feed. The whetstone comes in … I have a shapton 1000 ceramic stone, and I can’t find anywhere whether or not I should be soaking the stone before use or just splashing water on it. This is a Medium stone. User account menu. This ceramic Japanese sharpening stone has a grain size of 12000. Also the case draining holes in the bottom for drying, post sharpening session. 220 Moss is excellent for nicked steel and reshaping blades; The right choice for sharpening HSS, adzes, household knives, and chopping knives; Includes quality instructions for sharpening and stone maintenance The stone I ordered came directly from Japan and the instructions were in Japanese. Shapton Professional Whetstone #1000 is a excellent quality stone at a awesome price! Log In Sign Up. Consider buying a Flattening stone also and maybe a Sink bridge. It's important that you follow the instructions given by the knife whetstone manufacturer as to how to care for each stone individually as the care for each grit type varies. This prevents the stone's grit from cutting the steel, and the blades just lightly slide over the surface of the stone without being sharpened. A super fine stone you can use to polish the blade of your outdoor, kitchen, and shaving knives.

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