As a result, I got a D7. Students from poorer families who can’t afford so much private tuition now can find a cheaper method of getting help for their exam preparation. Is It Disadvantageous To Graduate From A Private University In Singapore? THE MATERIAL ON THIS WEBSITE MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED, DISTRIBUTED, TRANSMITTED, CACHED OR OTHERWISE USED, EXCEPT WITH THE PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION OF UNRESERVED. This is almost double the $650 million spent 10 years ago and one-third more than the $820 million spent just five years ago. A good example will be my personal experience. Thus, in order to out-compete their child’s classmates, Singaporean parents spend money on tuition to help their child remain competitive. If you look at the corporate world in Singapore, it is mostly the people from Western countries who are on top. 1. The civil service also perceives the level of honours you get as an important factor in deciding whether or not to hire you and promote you in the future. Perhaps there was a bell-curve system in place during the 80s and 90s. These Are The 3 Things That Are Most Valued At Auctions, This Popular Social Media Platform Just Declared War on Bullying. Other than the fact that  many of our local people somehow perceive westerners as superior, these guys generally also possess the necessary soft skills for thriving in the workplace. – For a young working adult, 7 Reasons Why You Should Not Visit Thailand’s Tiger Temples. Only this kind of person [a middle-of-the-road student] has enough free time to learn other skills.”. While many were quick to blame the parents for being “overly competitive”, I feel it is unfair to put the blame on them. Firstly, while schools teach content, tuition centres put a lot more effort on exam hacks, teaching you how to game the system and score more with less effort. As someone who just graduated from university and entered the workforce, let me share my insights on why: No matter how our government tries to appease the masses by saying things like “every school is a good school” and “grades are not the focus”, it doesn’t change the reality about Singapore that grades are extremely important for some jobs in the future. That is like making students go through so much hardship with little rewards in the future in proportion to the effort they put in. So for instance if a neighbourhood secondary school student may not receive very good guidance in his school, he can benefit from tuition as the teachers would be able to share resources and tips from better schools with him. As major exams approach, suicide prevention group the Samaritans of Singapore typically sees a rise in students contacting them, according to senior assistant director Wong Lai Chun. Even being world-class has its own flaws. In 2016, an 11-year-old boy jumped to his death on the day he was supposed to reveal his mid-year exam results to his parents. “I have to watch her – I really have to make sure that she does her revision,” fretted Wendy. When I was 16, I took Higher Chinese and my grades were moderated with students from China. Primary school children are required to take a leaving exam, regarded by parents and teachers as crucial because success often means access to prestigious schools and top sets. He shared his concerns about this worrying trend and hoped that for the children for our next generation, we will not. Sadly, the civil service is the main and biggest employer in Singapore. Share your views below! Also, the Singapore education system is not delivering what the job market needs. I scored a distinction easily without even putting in extra effort. With Economics tuition from Caravan Tuition at Novena, I scored an A for and was second place. In my first job at a British MNC, the HR department didn’t ask for my degree till there was a recent degree scam incident in Singapore earlier this year. After all, the education system in Singapore compared to other countries is world-class. However, the Singapore education system seems to be becoming harder and more stressful for the sake of it without any consideration as to how it can benefit our youth in the future. As mentioned in my previous article 5 Differences between neighbourhood and elite schools, it is not equitable and no longer facilitates social mobility like how it used to. The youngest person he had treated for school-related stress was a first-year primary school student who was struggling with the transition from kindergarten, Koh explained. This makes up roughly 8 percent of all the students here. What are your thoughts? The children today are competing with several talented and bright students from ASEAN, China and India. This is because while others spent time studying the content, I placed 80 percent of my time on studying how the marking process worked and what type of answers examiners wanted from specific type of questions which helped me get an A. Times have changed and when hiring fresh graduates, many of the top firms prefer to focus on other more important factors such as internships, community service, overseas exposure etc. This is because while others spent time studying the content, I placed 80 percent of my time on studying how the marking process worked and what type of answers examiners wanted from. What is the average cost of living in Singapore? Singapore has placed education at the heart of its development since independence in the 1960s and now tops the PISA international rankings – a system dubbed the world cup of education – for maths, reading, and science. Menstrual Cups are All the Rage But Are They Safe? For instance, China’s education system is more advanced in mathematics and Mandarin than in Singapore. Since we have the bell curve system, local students must thus work harder to keep up with new ‘foreign talents’ in order to get a distinction. A tuition teacher often has many contacts and can get notes and materials from top junior colleges and secondary schools. Schoolchildren are paying a heavy price for Singapore’s success in global education rankings, with rising numbers seeking psychiatric help as they struggle to cope with the relentless pressure for academic excellence. Those whose parents can’t afford tuition will get left behind. ©UNRESERVED. This is despite the fact that such exams are taken really long ago like when one is 16 and 18 respectively. How I keep my utilities bill below $50 every month? They may come from a country which may have fewer opportunities and have to make the most out of educational opportunities they’ve gotten, They are also not obliged to spend time with family given that their family is not in Singapore. I think this disruption in the private tuition is positive because it ultimately levels the playing field. But he said this may be due to a greater willingness to report problems and that school counsellors are more aware of such issues and refer them. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. Just take the civil service for an example which is the biggest employer in Singapore. Is it smart to leave it in the hands of bureaucrats who have little or almost zero private sector experience to know what the market wants? No matter how our government tries to appease the masses... 2. Their education system is better than Singapore in some ways. The island city-state’s system tops the PISA international rankings, but at what cost? The move comes at a time when more authorities in Asia are being forced to assess if pupils are being overwhelmed by pressure to perform – Hong Kong’s Child Fatality Review listed problems with schoolwork among one of the key reasons for teen suicide.

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