Aged 3-6 months, your Smithfield country ham requires no refrigeration prior to cooking. Parboil until water is gone. The result is a more subtle, milder flavor that still retains our distinctive country-cure taste. Baking (alternate cooking method) Your country ham slices will The "peanut fed" and "peanut belt" stipulations were removed in 1966. Tightly wrapped country ham … DO NOT OPEN OVEN. Our famous fully cooked, hickory-smoked Spiral Sliced Hams are expertly crafted, perfectly cooked, uniformly sliced and available with a variety of delicious glaze flavors. Portion Ham - Original Smithfield Hams are in a class by themselves. Cook slices over medium heat until slightly browned. Smithfield selbst nennt sich “Ham Capitol of the World”, also Welthauptstadt des Schinkens. Home / smithfield hams Welcome to Smithfield Marketplace – home of your favorite items for The Southern Table® from Basse’s Choice, Smithfield Collection, and Smithfield Ham Catalogs. Place in skillet with 1/3 cup water. Leave ham in oven overnight, or until oven is completely cool. These carefully prepared hams make for … Guarantee of Satisfaction Here at the Old Virginia Ham Shop, our customers are more like family! Country Hams are a traditional Virginia Ham cured with salt, and the Genuine Smithfield Ham is a country ham with a longer cure time that has a more robust taste. Bake for 15 minutes, and turn off oven again. For over 61 years, the Bring to boil and serve with ham slices. While tours of the ham processing plants are not available, we recommend that you visit and tour Darden's Country Store, shop at Taste of Smithfield, Smithfield Foods' flagship ham shop and discover the history of the ham industry at the Isle of Wight County Museum. Smithfield ham is a specific form of country ham finish-cured in the town of Smithfield in Isle of Wight County in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, U.S. Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds for taste preferences. Finally, take ham out of pan, remove skin and trim fat to 1/4” thickness. Pour 5 cups of water over ham, place lid firmly on pan and place in pre-heated oven at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. If you soak your ham, be sure to change water before cooking. After washing & soaking, place ham in large pan and fully submerge in cold water. We take a perfectly cured, fully cooked Smithfield country ham and slice it the way you want it. When fully cooked, remove ham from pan and, while still warm, remove skin and trim fat to 1/4” thickness. Smithfield ham is a specific form of country ham finish-cured in the town of Smithfield in Isle of Wight County in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, U.S. Remove fried slices to platter. Bring water to slow SIMMER (not boil) and maintain for 20-25 minutes per pound (e.g., approximately 5 hours for 12 lb. Norfolk, VA 23505. If stored longer, ham will continue to dry and become more intensely flavored. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Images of America: Smithfield: Ham Capitol of the World", excerpt from Google Books,, Image captions for cleanup/With examples/With inadequate context, Image captions for cleanup from March 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 September 2019, at 22:31. Can be soaked in hot water overnight to remove salt. Where can I find Smithfield Ham in Smithfield? Lost your password? After skin removal and fat trimming; rub 1 cup of glaze (or brown sugar) over ham; score fat in diamond pattern; and stud with whole cloves. Smithfield Ham ist eine besondere Schinkensorte aus der Stadt Smithfield in Virginia in den USA. Cooking Bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes, or until lightly browned. Add water as needed to keep ham covered. We appreciate your understanding!***. The first record of the commercial sale of cured "Smithfield Ham" is a receipt to Ellerston and John Perot on the Dutch Caribbean Island of St Eustatius, dating from 1779.[1]. Frying tends to intensify the flavor of aged ham. Smithfield Country Hams Brown Sugar / Honey Baked Hams Check out the Virginia Jumbo Peanuts too! Avoid overcooking, as this will cause ham to become tough. Cut UNCOOKED ham into slices no more than 1/8” thick, wash and trim off skin. ! Glaze ham, if desired. Sweet Cure Hams are not cured with salt and have a milder, sweeter taste. We hope you enjoy browsing and shopping this site, including many of the hams, sides, biscuits, breakfast items, and accompaniments that you have come to enjoy from our collection of Southern foods. After washing & soaking ham, place ham in pan with tight-fitting lid. Mold on skin of an aged ham is natural and harmless. Our famous fully cooked, hickory-smoked Spiral Sliced Hams are expertly crafted,... *Percent Daily Values are based on a … For over 30 years my grandparents always had a Smithfield Country ham that we would carve off of around the holidays.

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