Stir together cooked rice with a little lime juice (and zest, if you'd like.) We are huge salmon fans at my house, and this Soy Sauce and Brown Sugar Grilled Salmon … Then, stir it with a spoon from time to time, for about 10 minutes, until the marinade is thicker. Reduce the marinade sauce. Serve the salmon over the rice, spooning on extra sauce… While the salmon is cooking, in a casserole pour the rest of the marinade. Place the salmon back into the skillet and spoon the sauce all over the top. Afterwards, remove the salmon … Pour the marinade sauce over the salmon loins and serve them. SOY SAUCE AND BROWN SUGAR GRILLED SALMON — Salmon fillets are marinated in a sweet soy sauce mixture, then grilled to perfection in this easy, restaurant quality seafood dinner.

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