Is it possible to use Ginger Ale instead of 7up in the 7up pound cake recipe? Preheat the oven to 325. Some 7UP cakes are made from scratch and are in a bundt cake form, but this pineapple 7UP cake is made from a box cake mix. Wow I have never heard of 7up cake before.Must try this. In my humble opinion, making a cake from scratch is so satisfying. A small box of dry pudding mix, eggs, oil, and 7UP make this cake not only easy but very moist and flavorful. How to Make 7 UP Cake. 7UP cake: – 3 c. granulated sugar – 3/4 lb. 1 decade ago. What can you substitute for butter in cookie recipe? Favorite Answer. RecipePublishing on August 05, 2011: This is such a nice lens! Great lens :) RecipePublishing on August 10, 2011: So cute. ultimapalabra on August 01, 2011: Interesting! Yes. Using a large Bundt pan or a tube pan, because this makes a very big cake, grease and flour the pan or spray it with Baker’s Joy or another nonstick flour-containing spray. Here is an easy substitute for a skinny 7UP pound cake that is just as delicious. 7UP Pound Cake Using Cake Mix. I love whipping up cupcakes or cakes using my doctored cake mix recipe, but there’s just something about working through a cake recipe from start to finish while watching individual ingredients come together into a cohesive and delicious dessert. Yes, you can substitute cream for milk in a cake recipe, and your cake will be richer (and more fattening) as a result. I've done with Mountain Dew before and it's come out quite good. Mix together the 7UP TEN and cake mix until smooth. The cake part of this recipe is very easy. Now I have neither and I was wondering if Ginger Ale would be an adequate substitute. (3 sticks) unsalted butter, room temp – 5 eggs – 3 c. all-purpose flour – 3/4 c. 7-Up, at room temp – 2 Tbsp. Relevance Donna Lv 7. unqedomain on August 08, 2011: Thank you for sharing the 7-up secret for the cake , I will try it. INGREDIENTS: 1 Box Yellow Cake Mix; 1 Can 7UP TEN; DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray your bundt pan, greasing well. Cook for approximately 1 hour or until cake comes out clean. How to Make a 7Up Pound Cake from Scratch. I only tried baking with Coke yet. Answer Save. lemon extract. 3 Answers.

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