Our expert staff is ready to assist you, Join the Taylor family and enjoy exclusive owner benefits, Tap into our network of Taylor-certified repair technicians. These are difficult to get off and on, often need touch up. Bridge remove and reglue, Martin style 6 string, Bridge reglue on Polyurethane finished top, 6-string. Full set up add $50. NEW: Now you can upload photos with your repair estimate request! BambooJim1961 wrote:Jim, I too have one of these guitars and it has an action problem.I looked at the guitar closely and it doesn't need a neck reset it needs straightening. Must quote. Phone: (312) 275-0095Visit Us On Facebook, Third Coast Guitar Repair Service159 N. Racine, Chicago, IL 60607, Hard Tails, Les Pauls, Teles, Basic 4-string Basses, Ukulele, Acoustic 6-strings, Classical Acoustics, Stratocaster style guitars, Guitars with Bigsbys, Lapsteels, 7-string electrics, 5-string Basses, Resonators, Locking Tremolo Guitars (Floyd Rose trems), 12-string guitars, Latin Instruments, 6-string Basses, Banjos, Jaguars & Jazzmasters (Includes shimming neck, teflon taping bridge and thread locking on saddles), Includes glossing board & double truss rod adjustment. If you have a picture of your guitar's condition, upload it to our estimator platform and we'll be able to get you an even more accurate repair estimate. Material cost $15 per re-fret, $35 for stainless steel or "EVO gold" fret wire. Includes the Refresh package plus: Add a bone nut and wave-compensated bone saddle upgrade to any acoustic service package. Not including bridge removal on acoustics, Or similar (requiring neck, bridge and pick guard remove/reinstall). All prices are for 6 strings except where otherwise noted. Includes Set up and new saddle. Guild, Gibson Acoustic or touch up required, no binding, Taylor (pre NT) or other bolt-on, no binding, Hollowbodies (Gibson ES style) or Archtops. How much will it cost to fix my guitar? Neck reset (Taylor NT) Taylor Neck reset, includes shim exchange. Our expert repair technicians have serviced thousands of guitars, and we've created service packages that cover any level of maintenance a guitar might need. Add $10-20 extra for 12 strings. Repair Binding that is missing, cracked, disintegrating. Inlay Fretboard dots, full board (10 dots), maple, Inlay side dots, full board, no touch up needed, Inlay side dots, full board, with touch up, Inlay trapezoid or block inlays, With refret, Includes hand cutting and shaping new fingerboard nut from scratch, and fitting it specifically for each instrument. Taylor designed the heel that way, so sandpaper could be drawn through the joint, effectively cutting the heel so that the neck would pull in closer at the bottom, thus changing the neck angle. Give it a try. Some variation in pricing is due to the unexpected difficulty in removing some nuts. Check out the price list then describe your repair for us and we'll get you a live estimate. Cost. Requires a Taylor guitar with 9v-powered ES1, ES2, ES-T or ES-N pickup, a WiFi or cellular-connected iPhone 5 or later, or iPod 6th Generation or later, running iOS 8 or later, and the free Taylor Guitars iOS app. Includes sanding and color. Restringing is NOT included. The ultimate hydrating solution for a dry guitar. Full Fret level & re-crown, Basic 6 String, Scallop fretboard, with refinishing (maple board), Includes fret level, re-crown and set up on 6 string. Explore our in-house publication in a new digital experience. Start here for an easy overview of our acoustic line, Explore the design details of all current Taylor models, Solid woods and V-Class bracing meet exceptional value, Learn more about our revolutionary bracing system, The sleeker, more compact sibling of the original T5, The versatile semi-hollowbody with coil-splitting & more, Your dream Taylor electric. Does not include cost of making backplates. Cost of strings is not included. Classicals, Latin Instruments & Mandolins. -25% per each additional crack. Please allow 6-8 weeks minimum for all finish repairs and minimum 90-120 days for refinishes. Includes Fingerboard Plane, fret slot slot clean and seal, fretting, level/crown/polish and a Complete Set up. Here's the lowdown. You can even snap a picture from your phone from here. With set-up $10 Plus $10-13 for laser cut shim, Very Dirty Guitar or Rusty/Frozen Hardware, Includes cutting slots and Restring & Tune, Tuner install, with reaming & drilling 6 string, Tuner install, non-dog ears (Spertzels, Schaller), Pick guard mounting, cutting and shaping required, Pick guard mounting, Strat style, drop in, Including removing old guard and adhesive. Neck resets are not often performed on inexpensive instruments for the simple reason that they can actually be replaced cheaper than they cost to repair. Regularly $79.99, it can be added to any service package for just $50. Price includes cost of Restring & Adjust. Standard in-stock colors are $30 per guitar. Get an Estimate. Any custom paint must be paid in full $35-75. Guitars with multiple cracks will be done at a discounted rate per crack. Requiring neck, bridge and pick guard remove & reinstall, Requiring bridge and pickguard removal & reinstall, Parkers take a special know how to do properly, Full Set up, with Fret level and Fretboard mask, Seat, Seal and Level all Frets w/full Set up, Replace fret or reseat completely loose fret, Add $25 each fret, Replace Parker Jack with Ribbon cable mod, With Ghost AcoustiPhonic System using existing saddles, With volume and Quick Switch, 3 new pots for magnetics and master volume. Proper playability is not guaranteed without a full refret. Brought to life by you, Tips for finding the right electric guitar, Compare videos and specs for multiple guitars, Explore innovative designs that open musical paths for guitar players of all styles, Free eBook download to help find the perfect guitar for you, All the video help you'll need to find your perfect guitar, Explore our guitars with videos by series, woods, and features, The stories that make Taylor guitars the best in the world, Learn through expert reviews, shootouts, demos, and more, Questions? This is a very difficult repair and can require lots of touch up to make it work and look good. These packages are available at our Factory Service Centers in El Cajon, CA, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Upgrade your guitar to the Expression System 2®. Includes the Revive package plus: $325 Acoustic & SolidBody models (bone nut and bridge adjustment). New saddle is often needed to complete this repair properly, Some woodworking, includes Complete Set Up, mounting, drilling holes through body, etc, No Back Rout, Install Locking Nut, Full Set Up included, Back Rout to Pull Sharp, Install Locking Nut, Full Set Up Included, Repairing/rewinding Pick ups, Single Coil, With full permanent routing install (does not include cost of making backplates) $300+, 3 pick up Strat or Noiseless install $120, Taylor ES1 Retrofit (full), ES1 kit included, no set up and no sales tax, Taylor ES2 Retrofit (full), ES2 kit included, no set up and no sales tax.

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