Carrie AlexanderCarrie is a senior consultant with Findley Davies, helping clients integrate well-being within organizational culture and health care strategy. All Rights Reserved. Behaviors that represent these should be described in detail. Closing the gap between management and leadership. Carrie Alexander, Senior Consultant for Findley Davies & Patricia Ruflin, RN, MA, Former Hospital CEO, Copyright © 2020 Becker's Healthcare. Within the health care setting, transformational leadership involves the process of visioning a desired outcome, analyzing present reality, and realizing the opportunities for improved health care delivery via cultural change within an organization. The Unit for which the director was previously responsible is performing well under the leadership of an individual recruited for excellent engagement and communication skills. During her four years as Director, she received two annual evaluations by the VP of Nursing, identifying key concerns: • Timeliness on management tasks (employee evaluations and time schedules)• Reliability in attending critical nursing management meetings• Communications with physicians. Organizations demand these leadership skills when recruiting. Often, decision-makers have not undertaken an honest and thorough inventory of the ramifications of poor leadership, such as: • Culture of mistrust and disrespect• Poor safety/quality performance• Consistent failure to achieve goals• Retention and recruitment challenges• Inefficiency, high cost• Damage to reputation• Self-aggrandizement• Misalignment of knowledge and perceived knowledge. Skills that contributed to success as an individual contributor or lower level supervisor are no longer sufficient. Effective leaders realize that only through collaboration can we achieve healthier communities. Competencies associated with transformational leadership are challenging to teach through traditional development plans and performance reviews. An effective development plan in this area is a challenge to structure and to evaluate; and success is less likely than with traditional plans. The first step is to identify leadership characteristics essential to success for their particular organization, such as: • Personal integrity/honesty• Open, approachable style• Confidence and optimism• Clear and effective communication• Great listening skills• Capacity to engage individuals at all levels• Ability to "manage up" to engage superiors and peers• Ability to articulate vision/values and translate to day-to-day operations and individual goals• Accountability: holds self and team to outcomes and timelines. Transformational leadership, the preferred management style of Magnet hospitals, has been shown to transform entire teams to a higher level of practice. The copyright of this content belongs to the author and any liability with regards to infringement of intellectual property rights remains with them.​. Transformational leaders must demonstrate capabilities beyond general management skills and supervisor competencies. Patricia is a principal with SRM Consults, providing hospitals, health systems, physicians and long term care facilities with leadership and strategic planning. Advancements in technology; new approaches to performance management (i.e. The operational, relational, and analytical challenges characteristic of change can only be met with effective leadership at all levels. The Director was offered a role in the Quality Department as a clinical research and review nurse. Ruflin is a former hospital CEO with more than 25 years of executive management experience, The views, opinions and positions expressed within these guest posts are those of the author alone and do not represent those of Becker's Hospital Review/Becker's Healthcare. The promotion of effective communication and positive attitudes enhances a healthy environment for all employees and staff. © Copyright ASC COMMUNICATIONS 2020. Yet, these capabilities are infrequently used to evaluate the effectiveness, and subsequent retention of existing leaders. She was promoted to Unit Director because of her outstanding performance in her direct care role. It may however, assume advanced skills that are not present in the individual being promoted. Three years later, the Director is in her role, has completed an advanced degree, and thanked the VP for moving her to a position more suited to her skills and interests. Hard personnel decisions require that issues are faced objectively and realistically, while maintaining a fair and sensitive attitude towards those involved. These leaders must be able to: • Serve as a role models by "walking the talk"• Inspire and motivate others• Demonstrate genuine concerns for the needs and feelings of others• Challenge others to be innovative and creative. This means that removal of a long tenured leader may ultimately need to occur. Management is the ability to design, develop, implement, and maintain work (tasks and processes). Answering this question in an informed and honest manner has proven to yield the most successful decisions and ultimate results. As a result, appropriate training may not be offered, leading to ineffective leadership at critical service line and departmental levels. As a result, the VP requested a meeting to develop an improvement plan, and six subsequent monthly meetings to review progress. Interested in linking to or reprinting our content? Rationale may include length of service and mastery of the clinical/technical aspects of roles. So how does this truly translate in the Healthcare industry? How she articulates and deploys its vision and values are critical to success. The impact of ineffective leadership is too high to ignore. As a result, organizations may retain weak leaders. These competencies are frequently not enough to support the vision and strategies of the organization. In health care, promoting from within is typical: and often an effective method for engagement and development. In the end, a leader's personal actions guide and sustain the organization. The VP felt her methodical approach would be a good fit for the technical, detail-oriented nature of this role. Demoting or dismissing an ineffective leader may seem inconsistent with the leader's self-image and may not seem to support the organization's values and philosophy. 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