Mama Natural has an incredible database of birth stories. This is my story. I Hope That Reading My Traumatic First Birth Experience Will Give You Strength To Share Yours. Mothers who have very different stances on parenting choices can be vocal enough that they leave some mothers feeling ashamed of their own choices. In a world connected through social media, mama-shaming seems to run wild. Sometimes, criticism of a traumatic birth story leaves you ashamed, small, and very alone. And I agreed with her, I mean, my other two birth’s were a breeze, and I was in labor for a combined 10 hours for the both of them. I was very down and emotional, and it was starting to affect my day to day life and also my relationship. You may also find it helpful to read other birth stories like yours. I went into labor on a bright sunny day in August, the day before my due date. That it is in their power to move forward. I was really excited about the birth of my third baby, everything with the pregnancy thus far had gone “smoothly.” My OB joked about having another “fast delivery” like the previous two. I thought of the birth often, and I found it hard talking about it and sharing my story. Why is something as natural as giving birth so traumatic for 1 out of 3 women? It is my hope to keep the ball rolling with outreach, dialogue, and good care so that every woman can have the experience she deserves. "After a long and traumatic birth, I was finding it very hard to accept and move on from my experience. If you have had a less than ideal delivery that led to a traumatic birth story, please consider seeking counsel any way you are able. A traumatic birth story does not have to be the only story. It was just too emotional for me, I just couldn't get over it and move forward. A Traumatic Birth Story. I had been on bed rest for two weeks due to gestational hypertension. Hear from three mothers, who share their harrowing birth stories that made them decide to avoid having another kid. I’m sharing my story so that others know they are not alone, that they are not broken, that they are not weak, that there is hope. The Birth Trauma Association, a peer-to-peer support group, estimates that 10,000 women in Britain are treated for post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of birth each year. With my first child I had a traumatic vaginal birth.

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