When she had died, Castro had a marble statue of Ubre Blanca erected in her hometown, a stamp was issued in her memory, and the party organ Granma devoted an entire page to her obituary. or. The statue is a tribute to one of the quirkier episodes in the island’s relations with Canada. or. So sue me. Musician/Band. The statue is not of Che or Fidel, but another hero of the revolution—a worker so tireless, so selfless and so extraordinarily productive that she became a symbol of national pride to millions of Cubans, who eagerly followed reports of her latest record-breaking feats. 25 UBRE BLANCA (WHITE UDDER) ... Castro commissioned a marble statue of Ubre Blanca, who was also stuffed and put on permanent display at the National Cattle Health Centre near Havana. Ubre Blanca’s obituary was featured on the front page of the leading Cuban newspaper, which lamented, “She gave her all for the people.” Castro was so distraught by the loss of his miracle cow that he had her body stuffed, tissue samples taken for geneticists, and commissioned a marble statue … Log In. Not Now. She was stuffed and is still put on display in a “climate-controlled” glass stand by the entrance to Cuba's National Center for Animal Health . See more of Ubre Blanca on Facebook. When he asked Ms. Longa, she told him it was part of a statue commissioned by Fidel Castro but never completed because they ran out of bronze. 1,562 people follow this. Log In. Granma, the party newspaper, ran a full obituary. Ubre Blanca's exceptional bovine life came to an end in 1985 when her milk-producing ability dried up. About See All. Create New Account. See more of Ubre Blanca on Facebook. Ubre Blanca was honored by her hometown of Nueva Gerona, which erected a marble statue in memory of the cow. Community See All. 1,503 people like this. www.ubreblanca.com. ...that Ubre Blanca was the name of a cow in Cuba recognized by The Guinness book of Records for holding the world record for milk production in a single day, and is honored by a marble statue in her home town of Nueva Gerona? [5] Poem Since the cow's death, Cuban scientists have unsuccessfully attempted to clone Ubre Blanca using frozen tissue samples. Yeah, I got the idea from an /r/todayilearned post. Create New Account. One of Rosafe’s offspring was Ubre Blanca. Contact Ubre Blanca on Messenger. Forgot account? The head, she explained, belonged to Rosafe Signet, a Holstein purchased from an Ontario farmer along with a few dozen cows. A statue was erected at the entrance to the La Victoria farm in Nuevo Gerona, her hometown on the Isle of Pines. This is the crude history of a country where monuments and statues are erected to famous people, even animals (such as Ubre Blanca), to serve as entertainment, a place of tourist recreation for those who are not interested in knowing or perhaps strive to forget the tragic reality of current Cuba. ... Ubre Blanca, one of the most famous cows of Cuba, was a descendant of the Canadian bull.

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