hearthot. Follow since 2011/12 . Sex Discrimination and the Law. Antti Aine. Tallinn University opened a law affiliate in Helsinki five years ago in 2012. The course uses 0-5 scale, in which 5 is excellent and 0 is non-attendance. Our students get good knowledge and practical skills in international, European and Finnish law and have great opportunities to do their Master's degree wherever in the world. Jenni Maria Hakkarainen. Follow since 2010/11 . Fernando Losada Fraga. TRIALS / NEWS. jenni.hakkarainen@helsinki.fi; Faculty of Law - Doctoral Student; Doctoral Programme in Law; Person: U1 Research and teaching staff. The Making of Commercial Law: Common Practices and National Legal Rules from the Early Modern to the Modern Period. Tikka, K. 13/10/2013 → … Project: Research project. by K.T. Koulu, R. & Hietanen-Kunwald, P. 01/09/2013 → … Project: Research project. Followers (69) since 2016/17 . Finnish Center of Chinese Law and Chinese Legal Culture. antti.e.aine@helsinki.fi ; Faculty of Law - Professor; Faculty of Law - Title of Docent; Person: U4 Research and teaching staff. Legal protection in disputes on social matters. The University of Helsinki (UH) is one of world’s leading multidisciplinary universities specializing in the area of research. ghkmayo. fernando.losada@helsinki.fi; Faculty of Law - Academy Research Fellow; Person: U3 Research and teaching staff. Vestwiew Press, 1991. imran21h. Assessment practices and criteria. It is a founding member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), which includes such universities as Oxford and Cambridge. 2011 2020. 2002 2020. Our staff is international - the professors, alongside with guest lecturers, travel from Tallinn to Helsinki to teach and supervise the students. 1993 2018. This guide is designed especially for Helsinki University researchers, but also for staff and students to help finding and using law-related resources in and outside the library. Please register if you'd like to upload a photo. kristiina.aima@helsinki.fi; Faculty of Law - University Lecturer; Faculty of Law - Title of Docent; Doctoral Programme in Law - Supervisor for doctoral programme; Person: U3 Research and teaching staff. Liukkunen, U. HY, Helsinki University Library (HULIB) (15) Apply HY, Helsinki University Library (HULIB) filter HY, Language Centre (KIELIKESKUS) (611) Apply HY, Language Centre (KIELIKESKUS) filter HY, Open University (AVOIN) (1065) Apply HY, Open University (AVOIN) filter tapani.lohi@helsinki.fi; Faculty of Law - University Lecturer; Doctoral Programme in Law - Supervisor for doctoral programme; Person: U3 Research and teaching staff. 2012 2019. Faculty of Law - University Lecturer; Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies (Urbaria) Person: U3 Research and teaching staff, Teaching and research personnel. Heikki Halila. 1991; 9) Joan C. Williams: Deconstructing Gender (1989) In: in: Feminist Legal Theory, ed. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions to improve the guide, please let us know, form is on feedback page. Unknown funder. There are no photos of University of Helsinki - Faculty of Law. Follow since 2015/16 . no on-going trials at the moment Henna Airaksinen. Rejected (2015/16) Russia 3 years. The University is internationally renowned for its high quality teaching, research, and innovation. Bartlett & Rosanne Kennedy. Following (2016/17) Congo - Kinshasa 10+ years. Harvard University Press. 2017 2020. Tero Lundstedt. Following (2011/12) Pakistan 2 years. 1994 2020.

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