However, improving Class and Affinity is very powerful; for example, it is quite possible, though not necessary, to play through the entire game with Ashley's first three weapons. Only assembled weapons can be equipped for use in battle. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This could be a consideration when choosing how to craft weapons, especially when making or using the blades of smaller ones such as Daggers. The DP and PP of crafted weapons is always an average of the two blades. Vagrant Story – Guides and FAQs PlayStation. Grips are divided into three types: Edged, Blunt and Piercing. These bonuses vary a little between Blade types. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Vagrant Story, perhaps one of their best games ever was recently released, to wow audiences in Britain, America, and Japan alike. Tied with Great Sword for highest maximum listed damage, Finding Weapons & Armor (Vagrant Story) - geocities cached page. You can instantly see what type of … Weapon Type RISK STR AGI Range Hand Axe Edged 1 6 -1 3 Battle Axe Edged 1 8 -1 3 Francisca Edged 1 10 -2 3 Tabarzin Edged 1 13 -2 3 Chamkaq Edged 1 16 -3 3 Tabar Edged 2 19 -3 3 Bullova Edged 2 22 -4 3 Crescent Edged 2 25 -4 3 For players used to grinding in MMORPGs, the only thing hard about that is maintaining HP below at 149 or lower. If you wish, please examine the table and add anything missing. It was awarded a perfect score of 40/40 by the gaming bible of Japan, the weekly Famitsu, which has only previously been achieved by classic games Zelda 64 and Soul Calibre. Unlike all the previous weapons, that either always drop 255 / 255 or never drop or are found in chests, the weapons in the Second Iron Maiden are named drops at low probabilities: All the Dark Crusaders are the 540 HP variant. The most significant one is that Weapons require one less category to be raised, with a constant Class specification rather than a raisable value. Repairing DPs costs an equal amount of PP, but if an item has insufficient PP, repairing it completely restores DP but reduce PP to zero. The other is Area of Effect damage spells, which can raise armor Affinities. Lowest attack radius. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Armor can be raised with Sit and Get Hit; but to replace this, there are Dummies. The individual weapons within that category are arranged by Attack (STR), from weakest to strongest. Bigger slower weapons have more DP and PP. There is no equivalent of an early Material type that is better at magic, but instead a weapon design, the mage Staff. Vagrant Story – Guides and FAQs PlayStation. I considered buying an Official Strategy Guide at one point, then I found Zy's FAQ and never looked back. Like Axe, Mace and Sword, can be used with Shields for good defense. The Last Crusader is the 400 HP variant. Your best bet is to equip this weapon (piercing weapons such as the Rusty Nail are the best) and continually use Break Arts (Ruination and Scythe Wind do lots of damage) to kill him off. This can be additionally finessed by casting elemental armor Enchantments on an enemy, which should instantly make them a temporary source of that elemental type. DPs can be restored to max using "Repair" at the workshop. Each weapon contains its own particular foe "Class", elemental "Affinity" and grip "Type" as well as stats on "Range" of attack, "Risk" point added with use, weapon attack "STR", magic attack "INT", and "AGI" speed attribute for chances to hit and evade attacks. The following tables are incomplete for one or more reasons. Example: Fandango Let's look at the sorry beginning Stats of our very first Vagrant Story weapon. Here's my basic guide to building an effective weapon quickly to get you past say an awkward Boss without having to go back and build your weapon up … The Vagrant Story guide is one of the best strategy guide efforts I've seen in a long time. Damage Points (DP) represent wear and tear on weapons; the less they have, the less damage they do. The weapon's base stats are increased by a set amount depending on its material.

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