Type above and press Enter to search. The way electronics, ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING According to an article on “Truity”, “Electrical engineers design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacturing of electrical equipment.” Electrical engineers work around forty hours a week and will sometimes work overtime (“State University”). The work environment can differ greatly depending on the type of electrical engineering you choose to go to. There are plentiful career opportunities for electrical engineers. There are downsides too, though, and these include years of training, physically demanding work and potential dangers. With his, admiration. It is also a career that provides stability and a good income. Consequently, I want to be an Electrical Engineer to transform my community and live for a job that I love. Press Esc to cancel. AMITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY The payroll of electrical engineers is usually based on their highest level of qualification. Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad Electrical and Electronics Engineering Electrical engineers mainly focus on large-scale production and distribution of electrical power, whereas electronics engineers are concerned with electronic circuits and often also work with computers and related technologies. of Electrical Engineering You can earn a master’s or doctorate in electrical engineering or any other discipline such as business (MBA). Right now, the highest paying states for Electrical Engineers are AK, NJ, DC, MD and VT. They must sell their ideas and persuade people to take their coarse of action as opposed to another. Skills learned can be used in other fields and make great use of it. As electrical engineering is closely related to electronics engineering, therefore both can work together to work on some projects which combine both technologies. Computer Engineering Most engineers work on teams and usually work in offices. Contract electrical engineers spend most of the time outdoors at construction sites, and construction sites are prone to accidents. Due to the complexity, some large scale jobs might require numerous work hours. They receive a lot of money, to cities. There are a lot of international technology companies that need electrical engineers, and they are willing to employ people from other countries if they match the job requirements. In this paper, I will review my career choice, why I chose that career, why I believe I am fit for that career, and what I have to do to have the career I want. According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, the median salary is over $85,000. Prateek Agarwal (A2324612072) With additional education, engineers can also become lawyers, writers, politicians, teachers, bankers, and business people.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'honestproscons_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_6',111,'0','0'])); Electrical engineers have profound practical and theoretical knowledge in their field. BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING A career as an electrician is one of many options that do not require a four-year college degree, which is a big draw for many young people. A PROJECT REPORT Special thanks to our HOD C.D. The term electrical engineering electronics engineering are closely related. Engineers often escalate to management positions and earn excellent money. Every career has its pros and cons, so does electrical engineering. The reason behind the high salary is the job complexity, require a high level of knowledge and skills and dealing with the electricity most of the timeeval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'honestproscons_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_5',107,'0','0'])); Electrical engineering has a wide variety of sub-disciplines that one can choose, such as power, control, electronics, and microelectronics, signal processing, communication, instrumentation, and computers. Electrical Engineers learn electricity’s principles, interact with electrical properties, and imagine its application for the future. To choose your major wisely after high school you need to be aware of the job shop. In this essay, I will outline the job description, preparation, advantages and disadvantages of a career in Electrical engineering, and how I will transform my community. The Disadvantages of Being an Engineering Technician Limited Job Opportunities. To obtain an electrical engineering degree, one must complete a rigorous university curriculum. For this reason, he is known as the father of electrical engineering. Electrical engineering also includes electronics, so electrical engineers find work in the field of electronics too, such as the design and development of electronic devices and equipment. It requires ability and knowledge with numbers, which might be difficult for some. With the emergence of personal computing and the every day growing demand for more in our technology, computer engineers rise to the challenge, Electrical engineers are an important part of our lives. When I was a young boy my dream not to be an electric engineer but something more along the lines of being a cook; however, that dream was short lived because my interest of being able to cook changed over as I got older and became interested in electronics.

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