A natural minor scale can also be constructed by altering a major scale with accidentals. lol.) As alluded to above, a well-chosen minor can indicate useful diversity in your educational background. A minor is required for both degrees. Minors require 8-10 courses and provide breadth to your degree. For instance, since the 6th degree of F major is D, the relative minor of F major is D minor.. But all in all, it was for my bachelor's degree. In order to earn a dual degree, students must meet all the requirements for each degree, and must have a minimum of 30 hours of additional course work beyond the minimum required for the largest degree. A minor is commonly used to develop a secondary specialty in addition to the main field of study in which the bachelor’s degree was earned. They can be within your faculty or from a different faculty. Students will graduate when they have completed requirements for both degrees. The major is the MAJOR focus of it.. the minor is a smaller, lesser focus and you need fewer credits to qualify for a minor than you do for a major. In the Neo-Riemannian theory, the minor mode is considered the inverse of the major mode, an upside down major scale based on (theoretical) undertones rather than (actual) overtones (See also: Utonality).. For example, I majored in Organizational Management but I minored in psychology. For example, an individual can have a bachelor of arts degree in Psychology with a minor in human services. A minor, in contrast, indicates an interest with a lesser degree of mastery. Because of this, the key of A minor is called the relative minor of C major.Every major key has a relative minor, which starts on the 6th scale degree or step. For example, a student may earn a bachelor’s degree in government with a minor in economics. A minor is a secondary subject that complements your major. ... A graduate who seeks more advanced degrees can then be called a post graduate student. The root of the minor triad is thus considered the top of the fifth, which, in the United States, is called the fifth. Relationship to parallel major. (I also had an art concentration..

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