6. I'm going to hug you now. If it’s a complex procedure usually it’s the same team usually in spines, cardiac, total joints or … Hold on to that.". And, when you come back, we're going to take that trip to Belize." Tell your friend or family member you'll be waiting for them after the surgery. Whether it’s major or minor surgery, going under the knife can be quite daunting. This can help to divert the focus away from the surgery and onto the time after surgery. This can help to divert the focus away from the surgery and onto the time after surgery. My prayers and love will help carry you through this difficult time. I'm going to be sitting in this very chair just waiting to see you come through the other side.". Required fields are marked *. In times of trouble, simple support is usually the path of least resistance. We never know how the things we say may impact another person. If a person is crying, they're working through the pain and emotions they're having about going into surgery. This page has several prayers for parents or those who care for a child who is about to have an operation. Patients going in for surgery look to their friends during this time. So, these three little words are not much of a comfort when it comes to helping someone through surgery. Now that you have to recover, I'll be spending some of your time bothering you. There's tremendous power in our words. Putting our words into comforting gestures can provide comfort and (hopefully) make your loved one smile. "Okay. Prayer before surgery for a child. Share some kind words. – “Always look forward and not lose hope, you will see that this surgery is for your sake and your health will soon be fully recovered.” Category :Spededy recory wishes – “None of us is exempt from going under the knife at some point, that’s life and now it’s your turn and we are with you giving you all our support and giving spirit.” Words such as, "What are you feeling?" Making them feel at ease is the best thing when you're there for moral support. Sometimes, one small action can make all the difference to someone before going into surgery. Words such as "I know how you feel" do not come across as comforting because it sounds like it is more about you than them. Therefore, it’s important to take into account the following when figuring what to say before surgery. You’ll be entering the surgery room soon, but I know that this will just be another one of your adventures. To begin with, there is a prayer to say before surgery, asking for God's protection and success. Get well soon, my dear friend. The right mindset, a positive and confident one, will help them on their path to recovery. Let them know there’s a whole team that’s highly trained that will be caring for them. Often, just being there can do wonders. I hope it doesn't take too long for you! All Rights Reserved. 7. Can I pack a bag for you?". Surgery may be a part of life at some point for many people, so a person may appreciate hearing comforting words before their surgery. "Know that I love you very, very much. Allow the person who's going to have surgery to talk openly about it. Sometimes just hearing these simple words from someone else can give that extra bit of encouragement before surgery the patient was looking for. Therefore, hearing a comforting word or two can really help to make a loved one feel better during a time that's sure to be stressful. The right words of encouragement can bolster them with the hope and strength they need for the trials ahead. Make sure you act natural. … "Know that I love you very, very much. "Cut it out" and "Get well soon!" My prayers and love will help carry you through this difficult time. Offer to do some small task for them while they're in surgery. While your loved one is in surgery, take a scan through Love: Expressions in Words. 01 “Imagine, soon you will find yourself at home, recovering from surgery and then doing all the things you love so much.” You can use this phrase if you’re wondering what to say before surgery to a patient undergoing a minor operation. Besides, you can modify them to suit your preference. 1. These words give us hope and a feeling of belonging and worth. Aside from that, your presence alone will be healing! May you be encouraged now as you pray for your precious child. Between the potential risks involved and the varying recovery times, which usually spells out boredom, being alone is part of what is scary about surgery. There is also an inspiring prayer for healing, a prayer for recovery of your son or daughter after surgery, and some comforting quotes from the bible on God's peace and restoration. Your email address will not be published. Allowing them to do this lets them focus and look at the big picture of what's going on. Words such as "How can I help?" Your email address will not be published. "I'm going to be right here waiting for you when you get out. Comforting words mean words that are going to help your friend or loved one through their ordeal. This can be a great source of both comfort and determination. “Let’s plan a girls’ night after you recover from your surgery!” The obvious assumption is that things will go well when you say you are eager to make plans with someone after surgery. These are supportive and sincere messages for a surgery get well card. By doing this, you're letting the patient know you care about them. Definitely let them know you will be waiting for them when it’s finished and the nurse says it’s ok to see them. May she/he place her/his full trust in you, Lord. Dear Heavenly Father, We come before you to ask for your hand of protection over our child and that your warm, soothing peace would cover him/her. Let them voice their concerns about the procedure. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Considering that your friend or family member is already stressed, you want to be a quiet source of steady comfort. Take her/his hand and firmly hold it making your presence felt. Never tell them you are sorry. If you're very close to the person having surgery, telling them you love them will always be the way to go. "How does all of this make you feel? I hope you get better fast! Let your loved one know things will be fine. Having surgery isn’t something most people look forward too. That’s why the patient needs to be in the right mindset to prepare them for everything that is about to happen. Here are a few ideas: "What would you like me to do to help you get prepared for the surgery? For we pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen. Tell your friend or family member you'll be waiting for them after the surgery. Patients who are about to go under the knife need to be in the right mindset. Comforting words can even come in the form of a joke. Another thing you can do is send flowers, a plant, or a card. You'll be fine. You should know what to say before surgery so that you can use these words of encouragement to prepare patients for a great outcome. He will make sure that you will soon be healthy again, just as he makes sure that your family has an angel like you in our lives. will let the person know you care about them. There is prayer to say before surgery that the operation would be successful, an uplifting prayer for a sick boy or girl who is currently in hospital, and a traditional Episcopal prayer for the relief of pain and restoration for ill children. If you act on edge or uncomfortable, you will most likely be giving off that vibe to the person about to go into surgery. Telling him not to cry doesn't constitute being comforting either. Whether for cosmetic or medical reasons, going under the knife is always an unnerving experience. Prayer For Child Before Surgery. Think about how many of these surgeries are performed on a daily basis all over the world. A simple gesture such as this can go a long way to making someone feel better. Tell a goofy joke your friend or loved one likes. They might be overwhelmed, so feel free to make specific offerings, such as cooking a meal or packing a bag of items from the house. Do you like your doctor? And, when you come back, we're going to take that trip to Belize.". These words will also give us the strength to move forward when we're not feeling so great before the surgery. Are you hopeful this will improve your life for the better?". And, then, you'll come out of this on the other side feeling better than ever. Prayer For Child Having Surgery. This lets them know, in a way that's comforting, that you're there to listen if they need to talk about what's going on. The goal in all this is to give your best wishes for surgery, even if they sound corny and make no sense to anyone else but the few who are in the conversation. Offer some type of physical touch (and insert a tiny bit of humor, if appropriate). A hug, a pat on the hand or a smile can go a long way. Most people don't want to feel like people are taking pity on them. Do you need any groceries in the house for the kids? Show them you’re there by using these comfort words to give your friend hope and strength to move forward. Taking their mind off the surgery for just a few minutes will help ease their mind.

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