Product Code 10080 Item Number 100007730 UPC Code 10038057100807 Pack Size 6/5 LB Master Case Dimensions (inches) 13.007L x 8.882W x 10.453H Nutrition. Whole eggs have a little more protein than liquid egg products. Choose the whole food unless there is a specific need for a specialized liquid product. Choose Whole Eggs most of the time. The liquid egg products did cost more per serving than the whole eggs. ESL Liquid Whole Egg: 12 x 1 kg: twist-cap carton: 70 days (unopened) 106 65079 10783 7: 11386: ESL Liquid Whole Egg: 2 x 10 kg: easy spout bag-in-box: 56 days (unopened) 006 65079 11386 2: Menu Ideas. Pasture raised eggs cost $0.50 per egg. If you need more protein in your diet, you probably want to stick with the whole eggs. SKM Best Eggs uses only high-quality eggs that are produced by the hens of our farms. liquid whole egg with citric 6/5 LB, FZ, Carton Whole egg with citric acid to maintain egg color. Live better. Whole eggs contain many beneficial nutrients that are great for our bodies. Product Information. Try Liquid Whole Eggs in recipes where you may eat raw batter. The Liquid Eggs are pasteurized and can be used by the people without any fear. Shop for Liquid Eggs at The eggs were $0.20 per egg (1 egg is 1 serving), and both of the liquid egg products were $0.32 per serving. WHOLE EGG LIQUID. Use in any recipe that calls for shell eggs. Take Home Message. Save money. Ingredient List: Whole Eggs, Citric Acid. Our Whole Egg Liquid is easy to use and packed hygienically from freshly selected eggs. There are no preservatives and no added colours in this Liquid Eggs.

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