This can also lead to several infections. Causes of a smelly belly button can range from poor hygiene to an infection. Poor hygiene. In some cases, the navel may be filled with stone-like masses called omphalitis, which can also cause navel infection and inflammation. You can develop an infection no matter how long you’ve had that extra hole. Your belly button has its own tiny ecosystem. As the belly button is a moist area, it is, therefore, it can easily support bacterial growth. If you have a belly button piercing, your belly button needs extra attention. This could be a sign of a yeast, fungal infection, or cyst. I also have a smelly belly button it has always been that way but mine is a little different then everyone else. If the belly button has trapped dead skin and sweat,there is a strong possibility it may smell sweaty and very unpleasant. Bacteria can break down sweat and create a waste product that has a strong odor. It's not painful, just annoying tingling feeling . Wash your belly button regularly, and you’ll reduce your odds of infection. The following steps are quite useful when it comes to prevention and treatment of a smelly belly button: Use of a salty solution in the navel. Poor hygiene or an infection can cause a smelly belly button. Mine has been like this ever since I remember. Once infected, the belly button … Wet a washcloth with a saltwater solution and gently dab it on the piercing. My belly button has a really bad odor and it hurts to touch on the inside. Right now it has been inflamed its really red inside and hurts to touch around it like when I wear my jeans. I've been having this weird feeling a little to the right of my belly button . The smelly belly button can also be accompanied by bleeding especially when you have a belly button pierce. Belly button smell is that unpleasant smell that pops out from your navel area. Home remedies for a smelly belly button; Belly button smell is often caused by lack of proper body care; hence the best way to prevent such a problem is to learn how to take care of the body.

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