Free shipping for many products! Ive looked at these rutters saddles and they look cool. I always though that tele saddles need a groove in them so the strings dont move around. Play in tune? It looks like thats all he did but he used a lazer. Callaham 3 Slant Compensated Tele Saddles They are angled for correct intonation, the screws are shorter to keep them from cutting your hands, and there is maximum room for the string to go across the saddle without coming in contact with the height adjustment screw hole. Any other solutions beyond this? $11.09. These saddles share an intonation setting bolt but as they’re compensated the tuner readings should be damn close. This bridge is made of stamped steel combined with compensated brass saddles. Close enough for jazz as they say. A genius piece of work- three genuine BRASS saddles, cast in an ingenious compensated pattern- sitting on a solid stamped steel baseplate in classic Tele … As a bonus stage you can apply Loctite 222 into the threads on the saddles, wiping off excess. We will get started with the Wilkinson Chrome Ashtray bridge for tele guitars. How good is the Wilkinson bridge with the compensated saddles? Beyond bending the intonation screws I can't seem to get my Tele to play completely in tune. However, maybe Im missing something but couldnt a guy just file a groove in a normal set of saddles for compensation. So I installed the new saddles and tuned the Tele to pitch, and once again took the above three measurements. Chrome plated steel baseplate. Sold out BP-2325 Gotoh In-Tune Compensated Saddle Set $35.00 Gotoh Brass “In-Tune” compensated saddles (set of 3) for Tele®, with screws & springs. Wilkinson compensated bridge for vintage Tele®. On this Tele, the new saddles appeared to be a little taller for the two E strings—strings 1 and 6—but otherwise they matched the height of the old saddles. Wilkinson Compensated Tele Bridge Brass Saddles. The unique brass offset peak saddle design makes intonation adjustment easier. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Wilkinson Brass Tray Bridge Compensated Saddles for Telecaster Guitar at the best online prices at eBay! Easy to replace the original with this? Fig. String spacing is 2-1/8"(54mm). Free shipping . Suhr use it, right? Does it sound good? Includes mounting screws. It truly shows superb built quality, which is why it is a great replacement and upgrades from ordinary bridges on tele guitars. $22.99 ... Wilkinson Telecaster Brass Saddle Set of 3 Compensated for Fender Tele Bridge. This will stop the grub screws and bolts moving so freely. Wilkinson compensated saddle set from TB 5129-001 (set of 3) for Tele®, Brass.

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