Es geht mir ledi… 6 Replies: Wohnen im Grossraum Atlanta: Last post 12 May 09, 07:40: Hallo zusammen, Ich werde von meiner Fa. Translation for 'wohnen' in the free German-English dictionary and many other English translations. Related to Dutch woning (“ house, residence ”), English woning (“ dwelling-place ”). Support the free Verbix verb conjugation services © Verbix 1995-2020. What does wohnen mean in German? IKEA had this wonderful slogan once, where the difference between “wohnen” and “leben” couldn’t have been made clearer. They said: “ Wohnst du noch, oder lebst du schon”? More meanings for wohnen. Compare Yiddish וווינען‎, Old Saxon wunon‎ (Low German wanen‎) , Dutch wonen‎, Old English wunian‎ (English wone‎). IPA : /ˈvoːnʊŋ/ More at woning. Some German speakers also differentiate between having a home somewhere, but the majority of your life taking place somewhere else, as in wohnen determining where you sleep (in einem Dorf in der … Pronunciation . German Etymology . live verb: leben, führen, hausen: stay verb: bleiben, übernachten, halten, verweilen, absteigen: dwell verb: leben, bleiben, weilen, sich aufhalten: reside verb: residieren: hang out verb: heraushängen, sich aufhalten, hinaushängen, hausen, sich herumtreiben: Find more words! bald nach Atlanta versetzt (Ende Juni). Genauerges… 6 Replies: Wohnen in Erlangen / Nürnberg A few German learning books instruct this concept differently, as in "wohnen" is the apartment or house in which you live and "leben" is the city/country you live in, thus it's a matter of scale. Wohnen in den USA: Last post 17 Apr 09, 09:03: Disclaimer: Das ist keine Faden, um über die USA im Allgemeinen zu lästern. In my German textbook, the authors use the verb wohnen when used in sentences when asking where you are from while in the books and documents I got from Germany the verb kommen is . All rights reserved. English Translation. From Middle High German wonunge, from Old High German wonunga, from Proto-Germanic *wunungō, equivalent to wohnen +‎ -ung. live. Pronunciation. wohnen (German) Origin & history From Old High German wonēn‎, from Proto-Germanic *wunaną‎, *wunēną‎, *wunajaną‎ ("to love, wish"), from Proto-Indo-European *wenh₁-‎ ("to wish, love"). Stack Exchange Network .

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