Challah (also sometimes known as “egg bread”) is a made with eggs, a little sugar, and some oil, along with common bread ingredients of water, flour, yeast and salt. Like many bread recipes, this challah bread is best when fresh, within the first day or two, but it freezes beautifully as well. Just let it thaw at room temperature for a few hours before slicing. Don't have a stand mixer? Your braid is likely to be fairly long and skinny at this point, and that's completely normal. Challah is an egg enriched loaf that's traditionally braided and makes the most beautiful presentation. Preheat oven to 350°. Amy! Then let it rise, braid the dough, and brush with egg wash before baking. I had a lot of confusion on a couple of steps because the description seemed to not braid at certain points. Also, the fat used in challah is oil, whereas brioche bread calls for butter. This is my 1st challah & it’s beautiful & delicious!! Beat the remaining egg and brush half of it on loaves using a pastry brush. Place the braided loaves on a parchment-lined baking sheet lined with at least 2 inches in between them so they don't touch as they rise. X Search. Challah and brioche bread are similar, but differ from each other in important ways. This totally gets my inspired to make this again! Because of the added … I’ll definitely have to give it a try now that I have your handy step-by-step photos to go by. For a spiralled challah, roll the dough into a 36" rope, and coil it into a lightly greased 9" cake pan. Looks like a great explanation of the six strand braids. I’ve found that it works well for me. It is on my list to adventure out a bit in my breadmaking world and maybe I need to start with this. While bread in theory may be easy to make, I’ve always struggled to find a challah recipe that worked for me. Allow it to rise until puffy, then bake as directed in the original recipe. Starting with the outside right strand, move it over 2 strands to the left. I’m so glad you found my explanation helpful, Yaron! Sprinkle with poppy seeds or sesame seeds, if desired. Your email address will not be published. bread is something I love making, but it never looks this good! Then dip your index finger in the egg wash, then into poppy or sesame seeds and then onto a mound of bread. The step by step braiding instructions were perfect & so helpful! Be sure to get in the crevices of the braid and down the sides of the loaves. Place dough  into a greased bowl and let rise, covered, until doubled, 1 ½ to 2 hours. Enjoy one loaf warm from the oven and save the other loaf for French toast a few days later! Move the outside RIGHT strand over two strands to the left. I cant wait to try to make this for our Easter Overnight French Toast where I USED to buy the Challah bread!! You make the dough just like any old bread dough:  proof the yeast in a little water and sugar, then mix in the remaining ingredients and knead until smooth. Love love your step by step photos! The secrets to good challah are simple: Use two coats of egg wash to get that laquer-like crust and don’t overbake it. I was surprised when my DNA results came back informing me that I have a small amount of Eastern European Jewish ancestry that I previously did not know about. Found a KitchenAid trick. I make bread about once every two weeks, but I do not stray much from my mother yeast and bread dough. I love the details in this post! First, roll out six long strands of dough, line them up side-by-side, then pinch the tops together.

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