The company, founded in 2004, has more than 20 employees and provides cybersecurity, IT managed services, IT strategy consulting, and cloud consulting & SI services to small and midmarket nonprofits and business service organizations. The Authority is responsible for the supervision of company service providers, who are entities or individuals providing corporate services, by way of business, including formation of companies, directorship/company secretary services and the provision of registered office, business or correspondence address for businesses. With that in mind, we scoured the market to find the best VoIP services for small to medium companies, narrowing it down to these 13 business VoIP phone service providers so you can easily find what you need. Professional Service Providers Definition: Individuals who provide your company with specialized service, including but not restricted to lawyers, accountants and management consultants Browse By Our subscribers nominate the companies with whom they have collaborated and gotten results. Accenture. Maintain business continuity. With a VoIP small-business phone system, your employees can easily place and receive business calls at home using your business phone number. Learn about dynamic delivery . Must-Have Features for Business High Speed Internet Providers. Small companies with only one or two employees may be able to opt for residential services or a business internet service with speeds of 15 to 25Mbps. If you think there is a company that deserves to be on our upcoming prestigious annual list of Top 10 Business Intelligence Consulting/Service Companies , please write to us about them and the reasons you think they need to be on the list The types of features needed depend on the size of a business and what the internet will be used for. IBM Services Dynamic Delivery. OSIbeyond is a managed IT service provider based Rockville, Md. 1. Get advanced delivery capability that boosts business resiliency so you can anticipate and adapt with speed as market conditions shift. Accenture is a leading IT solutions company as well as a BPO provider that offers cutting-edge outsourcing services in consulting, digital technology and business operations. Several of these companies offer services other than BPO and the number of employees indicated is their total employee strength (including non-BPO operations.) of the world’s largest automotive companies are supported by IBM Services. phoenixNAP is a global IT services provider offering secure and scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions, including private, public, and managed cloud services. In 2018, IBM generated 46.8 billion U.S. dollars in global IT services revenue, making it the largest IT services company in the world in terms of net sales. phoenixNAP’s Data Security Cloud, Virtual Private Data Center, Managed Private Cloud, and Public Cloud use cutting-edge hardware and software technologies to support evolving business needs.

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