Generally speaking, a country player will take a more ‘major’ approach to soloing, making use of straight major scale and major Pentatonic ideas, whereas a blues player tends towards minor Pentatonic and blues scales. De quoi s’exprimer et bluffer tous ses amis. Our first lick, FIGURE 4, is a striking opening phrase to be played over a I chord. Copyright 2008 - 2019 |Tous droits réservés | Site réalisé par, 30 blues licks avec tablatures pour les débutants, Exercices pour progresser à la guitare (débutant), Comprendre la composition d’un accord de guitare, Comment rapidement changer d’accord à la guitare, Three Little Birds – Bob Marley & the Wailers, Travaille des arpèges pour débutants à la guitare, En savoir plus sur comment les données de vos commentaires sont utilisées, Astuces pour ce déplacer sur le manche de la guitare, Streets Of Philadelphia – Bruce Springsteen, Mélanger solo et rythmique à la guitare électrique, Les routines à la guitare basse pour les débutants, Vitesse et fluidité sur la gamme penta (Am). Alan Jackson. While he is known more for playing the mandolin, he played guitar on a great live album from the early 80s called Live in London. Using a hard picking attack and lots of pull-offs, this idea is particularly versatile and is easily translated to rock and blues styles. Home; About Me. Country licks always sound so fresh and uplifting. 11. A prime example of a blues-influenced country player is Pete Anderson, from Dwight Yokam’s band, but you might be more familiar with the lead style of of the Eagles. Yeehaw and a howdy partners! At […], Actually, that's an awesome idea! Thumb Slide (mp3) - Jimi Hendrix Style Blues Guitar Lick. The first version of the country guitar lick is from Ricky Skaggs. Thumb Hook (mp3) - Keith Richards Style Blues Guitar Lick. Apprenez les par coeur et pensez à repérer les accords correspondants. It’s also a good workout for your hybrid picking technique which is used heavily in this example. Here’s another phrase using Hybrid Picking, with held bends on the third string. It's actually the tab with is incorrect — the slide should be on the G string, not. It’s really nice to have a couple of these under your belt. Press Esc to cancel. Starting with a double stop figure, this phrase progresses to a G major Pentatonic phrase. Great pleasure to learn it! Beatles Rhythm (mp3) - George Harrison Style Blues Guitar Lick. The two most popular open tunings in blues are open G and open D. Both are slack tunings achieved by lowering the pitch of three or four strings if starting Using the pick and fingers (AKA Hybrid Picking), this chromatic lick is really country, though this kind of phrasing is often heard in Jazz. 6 Country Blues Licks Categories Country Country Blues Intermediate Key of G Major Licks Tags Chromatic Scale Dwight Yokam Eagles Glenn Frey Hybrid Picking Joe Walsh Pedal Steel Emulation Pentatonic Scale Pete Anderson Tuto : blues licks pour débutants à la guitare électrique Articles similaires. Is it only based on the A Aeolian mode? Actually, YouTube has a built-in feature where you can slow any video/audio down to 25% of its original speed, and it's easy to do. Music Man Videos ; Richard Smith; Various; Pictures; Songs & Solos. Par BDThM | 2019-06-18T15:35:41+02:00 décembre 4th, 2017 | Cours blues, Cours guitare débutant | 0 commentaire. The bends to the b5th (Eb) and the true blue note (between C and C#) establish a solid blues tonality. When using a distorted sound, take care to clearly articulate the phrase in bar 2. These country licks will help you build speed and efficiency in your country solos. blues licks , genial , surtout pour l’accompagnement (batterie , piano , basse , guitare rythmique) que l’on trouve rarement avec les tablatures de chorus guitare. This almost arpeggiated pattern is taken from the A minor Pentatonic scale, but using a Bb, which fits nicely over the C chord, implying C7. La même chose pour des classiques de country et bluegrass , … Sometimes I use these kind of licks at the end of a song. GT Transcriptions; Video. You can find the pdf on my patreon channel ! Due to the limitations of the tablature software and the complexity of the bends in the last 2 licks, I recommend you refer to the video for clarification on how to play them. It’s such a great line that I would suggest to practice it in the most common country keys. Thanks a lot!!! This is possible with a pick, but doesn’t achieve the same effect. Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Lick 16 – Albert Lee: Mr Country Boy plays this line very often over a G chord. As always, below the YouTube video you’ll find the backing track to play along with, and below that, the tablature. Unfortunately I haven't been getting much time to record videos but this is definitely something for me keep in mind, Hi Redhouseluv, thanks for your comment. Ce site utilise Akismet pour réduire les indésirables. T-Bone Walker showcased similar hot licks in his Description Blues and Alimony Blues. Voici 30 blues licks avec tablatures pour les débutants à la guitare. Chapter 1: (06:34) Country Blues Double Wham Eric begins this lesson by playing some lead lines that utilize the licks from the past several lessons. In this basic idea I show some country blues licks that sound good on electric guitar in the Key of A. You can find the tablature in the post below. Any tips to improvise on the backing track? The majority of country music licks are derived from blues and major pentatonic scales. Well spotted! Spiele ein einfaches Lick in einer Lage und versuche dasselbe Lick in den anderen vier Lagen zu spielen Hör dir deine Lieblings-Blues-Songs an und versuche heraus zu hören, in welcher Lage gespielt wird Finde mit Ausnahme der Ankerpositionen dein bevorzugtes Fingering, es gibt nicht DAS richtige There are tons of great country guitar/chicken pickin’ moments on this album. Great work! country blues artists played both acoustic and electric guitars at various career junctures, and, hence, the next series of licks can be rendered to good effect on either instrument. Several of these licks … 12. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Feel free to ask questions or just share your thoughts in the comments! Great job! Weekly animated video tablature, PDF tablature, and high quality backing tracks for all levels and genres. Aren’t I nice?! Several of these licks are in open tunings. All content copyright © 2017. GT175 – 20 Country Licks: DIGITAL DOWNLOAD INCLUDES PDF text & transcriptions AUDIO FILES full band & backing tracks: only £0.99! Fret the 6th string with your thumb - great technique. At this point, you should begin to improvise your own solos over the 12 bar blues progression using these licks. Thank you for this! En savoir plus sur comment les données de vos commentaires sont utilisées. Today I’ll show you two gorgeous country guitar licks in the video lesson above. The Country Guitar Lick. C’est un support essentiel pour bien travailler le morceau. country blues artists played both acoustic and electric guitars at various career junctures, and, hence, the next series of licks can be rendered to good effect on either instrument. ‘Country Blues’ is a case of country players taking on blues ideas rather than the other way around. My Free Blues Guitar Lessons Published September 17, 2020 53 Views $0.01 earned Subscribe 8 Share Deep Purple Child In Time Solo (Normal Speed & Slow Speed), Huey Lewis & The News - The Power of Love Solo. This week we’re looking at Country Blues over a 12-bar major blues backing track. In bar 2, bending the fourth string gives a bluesy feel. This lick hints at a mixture of Country, Blues, and Rock styles. In this article, I will provide the sheet music and the tablature layout of the five essential country licks you need to know. Learn how your comment data is processed. Blues licks with thumb slides have tons of drive. You can play the licks slow or fast, they sound great either way. Bio; Audio. Website designed and built by my own widdle-tastic, finger-pickin' hands. A couple of licks in the style of Country/Texas Blues songs! Chattahoochee; Don’t Rock The Jukebox; I Don’t Even Know Your Name; Summertime Blues; Brad Paisley.

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