Play around with different products inside your fridge to create a beautiful color palette. 2. We’ve featured his work before, and his “viral photo” ideas have always been as impressive as they are simple—perfect for the photographer who is stuck at home with nothing to shoot. To see more ideas from Jordi, check out our previous coverage of his work, of give him a follow on Instagram. The majority of people have mirrors at home. Head to my Mirror Creative Photography Board on Pinterest for more inspiration. Photographer Jordi Koalitic has made his name by coming up with simple, creative ways to capture really interesting photos. 11) Close up Portrait For some challenging photography at home, this idea will truly test you as a creative. Here are some different portrait photoshoot ideas that you can try at home. Top Creative Photography Ideas You Can Try At Home The COOPH photographers are back with more top tips on using everyday items you can find in your home … And now that we’re all under lockdown, he’s using this skill to share 20 fresh photography ideas for the shutterbug who’s stuck at home. There are some genuinely unusual and fresh ideas in these videos, including: Check out the first installment of 10 up top, and watch the follow-up video, published earlier today, below: If you’re a regular reader of PetaPixel, you’ll know that this is just the tip of the Jordi Koalitic iceberg. More techniques to try at home: iPad photography hacks: Creative lighting ideas for cheap photography projects Close-up filters: shoot macro photography without a macro lens How to use polarizing filters for colorful cross-polarization effects Digitizing slides and prints using a DSLR or mirrorless camera The best light tents for photography Play around with the reflection to make a boring scene fun! 26 Letters and 26 Photos. We’re not talking about your standard “try macro” or “shoot natural light portraits” ideas; Koalitic’s specialty is using everyday objects in new or interesting ways to capture dynamic images. In … Water Drops. 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Take the inside of a fridge photo. Literally, the easiest way to take photos at home in terms of props but can be a little … Apr 29, 2020. 1) Mirrors. 20 Weird and Creative Photo Ideas to Try While You’re Stuck at Home. This might be one of the most creative home photography ideas out there.You can even use your entire fridge a photo prop/background. Mirrors are a great way to get creative in photography. ... Jordi has released two videos, each of which cover 10 creative photography ideas that you can try at home. Faking the inside of a refrigerator or a clothes washer, Light painting with books and a television remote, Faking a couple of different ‘Fruit Ninja’ slicing shots, Some good ol’ fashioned splash photography, An adorable pet portrait with a creative twist, And one really creative bottle cap photo that might be our favorite of the bunch. Home Photoshoot Ideas – Portraits Portrait photography is a great home photoshoot idea as the focus is all on the portraits and you don’t need to worry about the background or having an instagrammable house. ... Jordi has released two videos, each of which cover 10 creative photography ideas that you can try at home. Attaching flowers to your lens using a hair tie to create a floral ‘frame’ around your photos. When attempting this type of photography at home, try to get good and even lighting to minimize shadows. 4. 20 Weird and Creative Photo Ideas to Try While You’re Stuck at Home. Here you have to find subjects around the house that correspond to each of the 26 letters of the alphabet! Over the past week, Jordi has released two videos, each of which cover 10 creative photography ideas that you can try at home. Here are some ideas of props you can use for your home photoshoots. Apr 29, 2020.

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