Don’t try to avoid the awkwardness; get creative and face it head-on like Squatty Potty. Don’t try to overcomplicate your visual marketing campaign. The result? For the longest time, companies fed on women’s insecurities by telling them how to improve their attractiveness. Eventually Chris got in touch with individuals in the ALS community and the campaign continued to take off. And how can you get more personal than allowing them to put their name on it? Takeaway: If a public service announcement can be spiced up, anything can be spiced up. And when they learned that people were applauding in the theaters,  they took a chance and put the 2-minute commercial up during The Grammy’s. That is, unless you follow Kmart’s lead and take the unexpected route. In Nas’s words: I’d post a funny meme and get 2,00… It’s our fingerprint.”. Metro took the entertainment route, coming up with some hilarious lyrics about several dumb ways to die - getting your toast out with a fork, doing your own electrical work, keeping a rattlesnake as a pet, selling both your kidneys on the Internet, to name a few. It’s a burning question every entrepreneur should be asking, especially when it comes to the visuals they’re using to promote their products and services. Most beer campaigns feature men in their 20s and 30s, so Dos Equis’ suave, wordly, gray-haired gentleman was an unexpected twist in 2007. The simple, country-specific commercials went viral because of Apple’s fresh, humorous, and informative approach to their campaign. Why, you demonstrate its effectiveness with a friendly unicorn who poops ice cream and add in a narrator dressed as an English prince, of course. We all remember the polar bear commercials at Christmas along with the jolly Santa illustrations. Coca Cola never seems to disappoint with their visual marketing campaigns. Do you have an awkward product or service? What if, instead of producing the visuals themselves, a company had their audience produce their campaign visuals for them? Takeaway: Make your visual marketing efforts easier (and possibly more effective) by involving your audience in your campaign. Takeaway: Coca Cola a call to action for their consumers and centered their visual marketing campaign around them. action that generates significant results. And that’s when the Most Interesting Man in the World was born. By using humor that wasn’t necessarily associated with their brand, they caught their audience off-guard and caught their attention. But this doesn’t always mean “the bottom line.” In many cases, the purpose is to help achieve a specific goal or set of goals related to communications, advertising, branding and more. The plan was to use his following to promote his music. Marketing activities…Read more › ... Ikea took this and turned it into a genius marketing campaign. By giving viewers an exclusive look at the line in such a new way, Burberry was able to generate excitement about their products and raise anticipation for their release. Takeaway: What’s your audience’s biggest hesitation when it comes to purchasing your product? Chris had a relative who suffered from ALS, so he chose the ALS Association as his charity of choice. Some simple research also led Old Spice to a clever, viral visual marketing campaign. Consider ways that you can build them up while building trust in your brand. How can you make your campaign more personal and interactive? Brainstorm with some other people. But this doesn’t always mean “the bottom line.” In many cases, the purpose is to help achieve a specific goal or set of goals related to communications, advertising, branding and more. LUSH Content Type: Video. Come up with a clever idea like Buzzfeed’s Tasty campaign, and that dream could be a reality. Takeaway: Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most successful. As a result of their videos and photos for the campaign, Old Spice was able to strengthen its market position and became the No. Campaigns like “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride” were commonplace and seemed to be effective. It began with a simple survey they conducted in 2004, where they discovered that only 23% of women felt they were responsible for influencing their own definition of beauty. Acknowledge that your product isn’t the only choice and position it in a way that makes it the best choice. Consider creating a time-lapse and tell a story that involves your product and its features. Lacey Austin, one of the executives involved in launching the campaign, says, “At the end of the day, our name is the most personal thing we have. It … In 9 days the film had 5,071 relevant mentions across blogs, Twitter, news, forums, and Facebook and earned 11,024,870 impressions via Twitter alone. That very thing happened in 2013 with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, where individuals filmed themselves dumping ice water on their heads to fundraise for the ALS Association. Stay thirsty, my friends” - has become a cultural phenomenon in and of itself, following the brand statement that Dos Equis doesn’t expect you to marry their product. The future of marketing could quite possibly look like Burberry’s Testino campaign on Snapchat this past September. At least that’s what Squatty Potty did with their baffling, disgusting/brilliant marketing campaign, This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop. Dove’s approach to celebrating beauty rather than defining it built consumer trust and confidence, and the 10-year campaign fit right into Dove’s existing brand attributes of honesty and transparency. The company launched a Facebook … In fact, it started after Chris Kennedy, a golfer from Florida, nominated a friend to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge, which had nothing to do with ALS at the time. Make use of newspaper columns. These real-life examples of the best marketing campaigns are bound to get your creative juices flowing. 1 brand of body wash and anti-perspirant in both sales and volume, with growth in the double digits. Confront it head on by demonstrating how it works in an engaging, visual way. Sales increased by 12% after the first few commercials aired. From there, the challenge started to spread quickly among his family and friends, and soon they couldn’t keep track on the number of videos that were posted as a result of his initial video. 8 Genius Examples of Empathetic Content Marketing in Action. Or at least that was their brand image before their Ship My Pants YouTube campaign launched a few years ago. Takeaway: While the graphics of Chipotle’s campaign were fantastic, their message was the most powerful aspect. BufferBuffer’s one of our favorite content marketing examples, due to their three-pronged content marketing strategy.The compan… Because the videos are fast-paced, instructional, and digestible (ba-dum), they’re able to capture and hold the attention of their Facebook audience. Hey there, I'm Lauren Hooker! Consider these numbers: 79% of consumers say they open direct mail immediately; 54% of consumers say they prefer direct mail marketing … Genius. It gave women a cause to rally behind, changed the conversation about self-image, and boosted sales for their products in the long-run. Takeaway: If there’s a way to successfully market a product like Squatty Potty, there’s a way to successfully market anything. Chipotle: Back to the Start. Takeaway: In a sea of photos, graphics, and videos, it’s easy for people to gloss over your content. The company wanted to give their consumers a way to express themselves through their product and make it more personal. Stuffed animals of the characters, a mobile app, an educational book, and a mobile game were also created as a result of the campaign’s popularity. As the company expanded and gained more competitors, they realized they needed to communicate a different message.

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