Such enormous production levels are driven by both domestic and foreign demand. Your statement should discuss your background — including academic, research, and professional experience — as well as any unique specifics related to your qualifications for a graduate program. Undergraduate students wishing to focus their civil engineering education around construction and infrastructure may choose to pursue the CISE Concentration. In Aim 2, we will develop multivariate bias-correction methods for climate model simulations using historical observations. An 18,000-square-foot Structures and Materials Laboratory with an 8,000-square-foot strong floor, an L-shaped reaction wall with capacities of 100-300 kips, and two 30-ton-capacity cranes. Tools that can help direct researchers to the most "interesting" genomes and genes among thousands of candidates will be important. They will optimize synthesis of the beads and test their ability to preserve different analytical targets including a human virus surrogate and an antibody against HIV. Our program’s academic and research activities have earned an international reputation for excellence — a reputation strengthened by an environment that fosters learning, discovery and creativity. This management structure will enable recovery of phosphorous, energy, and water, thus increasing resource use efficiency and providing a new source of phosphorus for agricultural food production. Residents of cities with poor sanitation are exposed to a range of pathogens via a number of pathways, contributing to a high burden of disease. Infrastructure Systems Engineering focuses on the facilities required to serve a community and support thriving economies. An eight-CPU, 32GB RAM visualization workstation was recently added. Therefore, new approaches to make the emerging genomic and metagenomic sequence information readily available to the non-expert user are timely and essential in order to advance our understanding of the diversity and function of microbial communities across the fields of ecology, systematics, evolution, engineering, agriculture and medicine. GRE subject test scores are required for some programs. International students who have attended a U.S. college or university for at least one academic year will not be required to provide a TOEFL score. Our Environmental Engineering program provides comprehensive educational and research opportunities in air, land, and water science and engineering. Higginbotham Entrepreneurial Impact Prize. In Aim 1, we will develop multi-resolutional and multivariate data integration methods for ambient air pollution concentrations. Steel production has significant environmental impacts, accounting for 6.7% of the total world CO2 emissions, and considerable use of, and toxic discharge to fresh water sources. And we design your master’s or Ph.D. program specifically for your professional goals. A broad range of universal testing machines, with capacity to 400 kips. Advancing these issues is important for better modeling ecosystem processes and the biogeochemical contributions of microbial species. This project will develop a model that introduces adjustments to comprehensively evaluate the economic impact of the rebound effect, as well as tailoring the model to a more regional scale. In Aim 3, we will develop ensemble source apportionment methods for fine particulate matter pollution (PM2.5). However, even with increased industrial usage of POAs, fundamental research of POAs trails behind their applications. Furthermore, activated POAs by UV irradiation or catalysts are novel advanced oxidation processes that can be useful for degrading recalcitrant organic micropollutants in water. We will also provide uncertainty estimates, detailed documentation, and R packages to ensure these methods and estimates can be used in other environmental health studies. Your resume may be uploaded with your application submission (optional). Additional equipment includes an ISCO portable water sampler with ultrasonic level sensor and rain gauge, a depth-integrating suspended sediment sampler, a bed sediment sampler, a PPP Spectral Analyzer, and current meters. This project will test whether super-absorbent polymers in sample tubes can improve the accuracy of diagnostics by absorbing molecules like DNA and viruses from liquid samples such as blood, and protecting them during transport to the laboratory.

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