Songs recorded by any of the band's side projects are not included. Also, whoever said this was released before he had a son, that's not true. This list includes songs from studio albums, compilation albums and singles, along with covers and known unreleased tracks. Green Day. They wanted to say that, as well as tie in the anti-war theme of the album and the song was created. While a sexy number can be veiled with notions of love, songs about substances are often a little bitter hidden. I know someone who's a Narcotics detective. Sex and drugs - they go hand in hand with rock n' roll, as we know all too well. His eldest son Joseph was born in March 1995. At the end of the song, Christian and Gloria end up together despite all the doubt that other people had for their relationship because, again, the last words of the song were stated "Throw up your arms into the sky. The following is a list of songs recorded by the American punk rock band Green Day.Since their first single in 1989, the band has gone on to release over 200 songs. This song is an ode to consequence – showing what can … For those of you who say it's about drugs, trust me. This song is about Billie Joe not being able to fall asleep for days, after his son was born. You and I". 11. Green Day’s 12th studio album 'Revolution Radio' is out today (Oct. 7). While most of the information on the late-90's terrorist plot to poison America's drinking water remains classified, urban legend has it that Mexican drug cartels were able to gain access to water treatment plants outside Los … Zoot Suit Riot by Cherry Poppin' Daddies. The album was released Oct.5.1995. As Green Day prepare to return to touring, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has given his first full interview about the drug and alcohol addictions that put the band's plans on hold.

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