The soil in my area is very clayish. While it is possible, yet sometimes difficult, to revive some sick or dying trees it is impossible to bring a dead tree back to life. This tree gets a lot of direct strong sun for 4-5 hrs per day. Japanese maples and maple species are very susceptible to this disease. Verticillium is a soil fungal disease that can cause a wilting or dieback of branches and can lead to the tree dying. Leaves Dropping After Transplant and Other Signs of Shock. Now it looks like all the leaves are drying out. Please advise how I can save this tree. and it won't bloom again until next spring. I tried watering and feeding the tree some Miracle-Gro to revive it, but there is no change in its condition. After about 2 weeks I noticed that the leaves started wilting/drying and curling. As you can see, it has no leaves. I bought a healthy Crimson Queen Lace-leaf Japanese Maple 4 weeks ago. They are small trees growing to 25 feet tall and 15 feet wide. There are many reasons that you should remove a dead tree which we will touch on in this post. But how exactly can you tell if a tree is dead, ... What to do if you have a dead tree. I think the tree is dying. All you need to do is know the symptoms, recovery techniques and time it takes to repair trees. When I touched the leaves they just fall down. But transplant shock can look much different for your tree. I read a little bit about the Japanese Maple and it says that they lose their leaves in the fall, and then in spring they appear again, but if they don't appear, it's likely the winter froze the seeds (or something along those lines?) The wood of affected plants shows a gray to olive-green streaking if the bark is … Brampton, Ont. Identify the Problem. There are certain signals you should look for when trying to determine if a tree is in danger of dying. Nearly all Japanese maple trees are propagated from cuttings because Japanese maple trees grown from seed do not always carry the desirable traits of the parent tree, such as leaf color. Other signs of a tree in shock include: Leaf scorch; Brown leaf tips If you want to prevent a sick tree from dying, here are five easy steps you can take. A. Japanese maples have several growing conditions, which should be met in order for them to grow well. Japanese maples have a tolerance for shade and are often located in shade or partial shade. Debbie’s maple trees are dropping leaves as a sign of shock. Before you can effectively figure out how to save a dying tree, it is important to try to determine the problem.

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