Skilled craftsmanship which has been passed down through generations is needed to make each whisk. Shop now! I am giving 3 stars as I wasn't happy with the product. Buy Bamboo Matcha Whisk Chasen. They are otherwise known as a chasen, and are used for making matcha tea. Id be really grateful if someone knew a … Tea whisks are carved from a single piece of bamboo. Milk frother won't do the job as beautifully as a bamboo whisk. Many Matcha whisks on the market today are made in China, but our whisks are 100% Japanese: hand-crafted in Takayama town from Japanese-grown bamboo, and sealed with a stamp guaranteeing that it is hand made by a certified traditional craftsman. Respected Japanese craftsmen source their bamboo from trusted farms, resulting in high-quality whisks that last longer under the stresses of continued use. This creates delicate and beautiful curls of bamboo that make whisking your Japanese green tea powder an absolute pleasure - the very purpose of the Japanese tea ceremony!. You Really Need A Sifter Whichever method you choose, whether traditional or not, you need a tiny sifter . My old bamboo whisk (Chasen) was pretty worn out after years of use so I decide to buy it from tea trunk. A Benuo do one-stop pf Matcha-ware and gift kit, like: matcha bowl ( chawan), bamboo matcha whisk ( chasen ), matcha scoop ( chashaku ) and spoon, whisk holder, sifter, various gift sets and so on.. Q Can you do customized designings?. String count The more strings a whisk has the finer they are, which creates a smoother matcha. Our bamboo whisk, or Chasen as it is called in Japanese, is hand-crafted from a single piece of bamboo. You can find chasen being sold that offer a string count anywhere between 16 and 120. A completely hand-made, high grade Chasen for whisking Matcha green tea. Q What matcha-wares do you have?. A stalk of bamboo is carefully spliced into 8 bristles and then tied with string by hand. Anyone know where can get a bamboo whisk in Chiang Mai? Buy top selling products like Silicone Whisks (Set of 2) and OXO Good Grips® Whisks. Bamboo whisks aren’t even that expensive, you can buy an individual bamboo whisk, a whisk with a proper stand, or the entire package with a traditional chawan included! A Yes, we're professional at this! I would recommend anyone interested in Matcha tea to buy a Chasen. The bamboo whisk cannot be made mechanically even when using today’s most modern technology. Shop for bamboo whisk at Bed Bath & Beyond. You don’t need a Japanese tea ceremony as an excuse to use a chasen.

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