He was a brilliant performer in his youth and early thirties but when Beethoven lost his hearing, he wrote many scores that are important in music history. The first was his grandfather, and the second was Beethoven’s older brother, who died six days after his birth. Written by admin. He was baptized on December 17, 1770. 1. 2. The statue of Ludwig van Beethoven in Bonn. Photo: Wikimedia Commons Quick Facts Name Ludwig van Beethoven Birth Date c. December 16, 1770 Death Date March 26, 1827 Did You Know? He was baptized on December 17th, 1770 and died on March 26th, 1827. Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the greatest music composers of all time. In that era and region where Beethoven was born, it was the tradition of the Catholic Church to baptize the day after birth. Beethoven was known to be a canonical composer and virtuoso pianist. We don’t actually know when he was born To celebrate the 245th anniversary of the great composer’s birth (marked by this morning’s Google doodle), here are 7 things you never knew about Ludwig van Beethoven. Read Facts about Ludwig van Beethoven to get the details about the most celebrated German composer and pianists. Here we will tell interesting facts about Beethoven. He was born in December in Bonn, Germany. Therefore, most scholars accept December 16 as Beethoven’s birthday. Listed below are 10 interesting facts about the legendary music composer: He was the first musician to receive a salary with no duties other than to compose how and when he felt inclined; His father was an alcoholic and he used to physically abuse Beethoven for playing wrong notes The first Ludwig van Beethoven was the composer’s grandfather, a musician in Bonn, and the second was Beethoven’s older brother, who passed away a few days after his birth. His musical talent was spotted since he was a child. 1. His Eroica, in fact, was a work written with a purpose and under the inspiration of a special subject. Even though Beethoven followed Mozart’s and Haydn’s pattern when composing the first and the second of his nine symphonies, he eventually took the genre in a completely new direction, wherein he composed for a post-revolution audience. No one knows for sure Beethoven’s date of birth. Ludwig van Beethoven was the third Ludwig in the Beethoven family. The birthplace of Beethoven was located in Bonn. 2. 1. Link to Googles Beethoven doodle here. Beethoven was known to be self-involved, stubborn, and even dramatic but he loved to have his friends around. Seven Surprising Fun Facts About Beethoven You Never Knew.

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