Sweetwater Sound This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Martin D-15M Streetmaster but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information on our web site. With its warm and mellow tone, the Martin 000-15m is a perfect guitar for blues players, but it performs good in other genres too. The new DSS-15M StreetMaster gets the same vintage-esque appointments of other guitars in the modern 15 Series, which includes the fancier short pattern Diamonds and Squares fret markers that was actually used on Style 28 instruments back in the day. This revised dreadnought shape gives the guitar an impressive voice that offers a nice alternative to the customary D-15M square-shoulder dreadnought. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. The D-15M StreetMaster™ model is built to the same specifications as the D-15M model but Martin has added a beautifully distressed satin finish. And this new StreetMaster slope-shoulder dreadnought qualifies for that claim big time. Plump, warm, and mellow. It plays amazing and I had it set up with low action and 12 gauge retro strings and plays beautifully and projects really well. Right out of the case, this lightweight solid mahogany, OM shaped body guitar has the pleasant, natural aroma of mahogany, projects sound … But even as the thicker mids and barrel-chested bass notes are humming away, the trebles ring with a musicality that just puts a smile on my face, and effortless in how they are heard clearly from atop that warm, woody undertone, until their own sustain dips down into the massive cellar to meld with the lower registers. DSS-17 Whiskey Sunset \ Black Smoke Review I just picked up Martin’s 000-15M StreetMaster Acoustic Guitar, a 14-fret, long scale (25.4”) acoustic that really packs a punch! The reason the 000-15M and D-15M have not changed to the wider nut is simple; they sell very well just as they are, with the (slightly) skinnier neck. That basic but strong sustain is one reason Blues-oriented slide players like mahogany tops. Martin 000-15m Review – 9 Things We Love About This Guitar. The fretboard and bridge are made from solid katalox, a tropical American hardwood often called Mexican ebony, because of its high density and the fact the heartwood can be quite black. Powerful Projection and Focus with a Beautiful Distressed Finish This Martin D-15M StreetMaster 6-string acoustic guitar delivers big-box amplitude, focus, and balanced tone with broken-in looks and feel, thanks to its dreadnought body style and distressed finish. Martin had a big hand in popularizing Mahogany solid tops And the back and sides tend to be lighter over all, showing off the mahogany grain a bit better than the top. I mean, look at the millions of acoustic guitars that were based on original Martin designs that evolved with their own tonal properties, and have filled the world with unique music. I had been wanting an all mahogany guitar for some time just because I'd never owned one. //
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